Friday, September 16, 2005

New Polls


First one is about campaign finance reform, which has been delayed until next week. Second is about Bysiewicz's withdrawal from the governor's race. Feel free to defend your answers here.

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DeanFan84 said...

Clearly withdrawing from the Governor race was a good move for Susie Bysiewicz. Her chance of winning the whole thing was something on the order of 5-25%. (1 in 2-4 of winning the Democratic nod, times 1 in 2-3 of defeating Rell.)

My belief is that the real winner has been Dan Malloy. The Democratic primary had been shaping up as DeStefano vs. the non-DeStefano, for a long time. Now that Susie has dropped out, the anti-DeStefano wing has a plenty of time to solidify around Malloy.

Of course I think Malloy is toast. He has no real left-wing bona fides... while DeStefano has a good argument for himself, as well as a strong, and well-funded campaign.

Plus, I like his "Expect More" theme. For way too long, CT has been satisfied with minor league status. This state too much going for it to settle for less than major league status.