Friday, August 05, 2005

Useful Connecticut Political Resources

I'm working on creating a good list of useful and interesting resources for Connecticut politics. Here's a start:

CT Heritage
This is a site run by the Connecticut Humanities Council, and is an archive of interesting historical information. The Connecticut Politics and Government: A Profile page is a good place to start any sort of political research. Unfortunately, the site only has information up through 1984, but it can be useful for analyzing historical political trends.

Connecticut State Library: Resources by subject page.
This page is a list of subjects that the CT State Library has organized. It's very useful. For example, clicking on the "Public Policy" link will take you to a nice list of public policy links, most having to do with Connecticut.

The Secretary of the State's Office
This has been improving lately, but it's still sometimes difficult to find useful election information here. It can be slow and hard to navigate, but it's still the only source of information for detailed election information.
A very nice page, however, is the TOWNS, CITIES AND BOROUGHS page, which is a list of information about every town in Connecticut. It's mostly up to date and accurate.

What useful sites do you visit? I'd love to be able to create a comprehensive list.


Sean said...


while not perhaps an offical site, as regarding your post, I was wondering if you could link to my blog,


-ctconservative blogger

MVD said...

a good site to know what's going on in the 2nd Congressional District (from a Dem point of view) is