Tuesday, August 02, 2005

AP: Newton Accepted Bribe

State Senator Already Under Investigation for Corruption

It doesn't get much more incriminating than this:

[Progressive Training Associates exectutive director Warren Keith] Godbolt admitted he agreed to pay $5,000 to a public official in exchange for that official's help in securing the state grant for Progressive, which provides job readiness and vocational training at a center in Bridgeport.

Court documents do not name Newton, who has not been charged. In court on Tuesday, prosecutors described the official as a member of the General Assembly. Court documents said the official announced the grant in a news release Aug. 6, 2004.

Newton's office issued that release. (AP)

Newton, a Democrat from Bridgeport and the third most powerful member of the Senate, has been under investigation for corruption for more than six months. In that time, Newton has repeatedly been urged to step down or at least relinquish some of his leadership positions, which he has repeatedly refused to do.

If what Godbolt is saying is true, however, Newton should resign at once. Senate President Pro Tem Donald Williams should ask for his resignation if it isn't freely offered.

Connecticut doesn't need more corrupt elected officials. Democrats need to deal with Newton quickly and effectively, or risk losing the moral high ground they gained last year entirely.

"Head of job-training agency pleads guilty of offering bribe." Associated Press 2 August 2005.


Anonymous said...

Ungh. What is wrong with our state...both Republicans and Democrats are so embarassing. Ganim, Rowland, Giordano, Newton....the list goes on and on.

I fully agree he should resign immediately, not drag this out through an investigation. Take the high road for once Ernie.

Genghis Conn said...


If this turns out to be true (and it really looks like it is), it would be better for the state if he left. But Newton is the kind of stubborn guy who will try to cling to power as long as he can, so I have my doubts that he'll go quietly and quickly.