Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina: Connecticut Responds

Groups all across Connecticut are starting to work together to help with the relief effort for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Gov. Rell has ordered that six state armories be used as collection points for donations of "bottled water, easily opened, non-perishable food and snacks, batteries, blankets, tarps and tents." The Hartford Courant has a list of ways you can help just up on its site.

How else can people help? What are other organizations/groups doing?


ctkeith said...

Donating bottled water is silly and so is anything else similar. Why pay 10 bucks for a case of water the red cross can purchase for 2 bucks.

A donation to the Red Cross is ,without a doubt,the best thing to do.

Harry said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Genghis. Also enjoyed your earlier post on the long-term impact.

Paul said...

Animals in the Gulf region also need our help:

terhuxtim said...

Looks like the Republican American Newspaper, one of the most conservative, homophobic, moronic newspapers in CT has decided that the people of New Orleans don't deserve to get help. This papers editorial board has written some pretty disgusting things, but this editorial has to be the most heartless piece of crap yet. Check it out:
Anyone who actually subscribes to this newspaper needs a heart transplant.

Genghis Conn said...


Remarkable. I assume that whenever we get federal assistance when big blizzards blow through here, then, that it's our fault for living in such a snow-prone region.

That kind of regional thinking is silly and counterproductive. We're all Americans: we should help our countrymen when they need it.

terhuxtim said...


Agreed, The Republican-American is an embarrassment to CT. Anyone who reads this editorial and has a subscription should cancel it at once.