Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hastert: Save the Sub Base

This is a major boost by the Speaker of the House for the base:

House Speaker Dennis Hastert tried to give the Naval Submarine Base at Groton a last-minute boost today, urging the base closing commission to "strongly consider the case made by Team Connecticut" against closing the facility.
"As a fiscal conservative," the Illinois Republican said, "I cannot support a base closing that does not provide taxpayer savings."
In addition, Hastert wrote, "Closing SUBASE New London would eliminate a center of excellence for undersea warfare in which Congress has invested hundreds of millions of dollars over the last decade."

Since becoming speaker in 1999, he said, "I have personally seen Congress invest more than $120 million into the New London Navy base. Our nation's taxpayers would be ill-served if these investments in our national security are wasted." (AP)

I often wonder how much pull Hastert really has, since it seems like DeLay is really in charge of the House. But his support is great news anyway, and his argument is sound.

Of course, he could just be trying to save Rob Simmons's bacon. Still, we'll take it.

"Hastert Against Sub Base Closure." Associated Press 18 August, 2005.


stomv said...

Of course, he could just be trying to save Rob Simmons's bacon. Still, we'll take it.

Yip, I'd say its all about bacon, and, while I believe the Groton base should remain open on its own merits, I wouldn't be willing to trade a GOP Congressman for the base.

2006 will be a tidal wave for the Dems. CT needs to get on board. Of course, elections aren't that simple...

Great Santini said...

I do think that DOD may have grossly underestimated the cost to clean up the Subbase. I don't think they ever cleaned up a heavy duty nuke base before. It may be cheaper to mothball the base - i.e. don't close it; just reduce OPTEMPO. That is almost the worst scenario for SE CT. Subs would move and jobs would leave, but USN retains title and the site would never be remediated to the point where it could be used for something else. It may become like the two large piers in Newport, RI that the USN still owns, but aren't using.

Ebpie said...

More good news. Jimmy Carter just wrote a letter to Principi on the need to preserve the base.,0,3676954.story?coll=hc-big-headlines-breaking