Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Slight Site Update / Open Forum

I've changed the color of the headlines from nasty orange to a soothing blue, which makes a surprising amount of difference. The margins to either side have also been drastically reduced. Lengthy links, when posted in the comment section, should now wrap around instead of continuing on behind the maps.

If anyone has feedback about the usability of the site, this is as good a place for it as any. Otherwise, this is an open forum.


stomv said...

I liked the orange. But, smaller margins are better, as are the wrap.

BTW: the orangs still exists in the headline for the "Leave your comment" section...

Genghis Conn said...

So it does. Fixed.

I hope the blue is tolerable. I'm resisting the urge to put it everywhere.

DeanFan84 said...


Blue? Does that make you a Democrat? Last I heard you were a Greenie!

Really, in the spirit of honest disclosure, could you at some point do a thread/discussion about your political development/bio?

I think it would be appropriate, and the right thing to do. Your loyal readers are curious about where you are coming from.

Thanks! And I enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

The color of the webpage is interesting and all but I have a bigger question...

What is going on at the DeStefano campaign? They are amazingly successful at fundraising, out raising their competition by hundreds of thousands of dollars, and yet their poll numbers show no signs of life.

Yes their numbers went up in the Q poll but so did Dan and Susan’s. All three candidates essentially moved up in lock step. I think the political wing of the DeStefano campaign has, up to this point, let the fundraising wing down.

Where were the 100 house meetings by July 31?

Where have the endorsements been over the last three months? No labor groups, no politicians, nothing.

It appears to me that the only time that DeStefano has hits the blogs or papers is when the political wing missteps and is in reaction mode.

I think it’s time for change at the political helm or all of the fundraising efforts will mean nothing come August.

Genghis Conn said...


I like blue. Same color as the Connecticut flag, too.

I've shared quite a bit about myself on this blog. Is there anything else (within reason) you want to know?


The poll is pretty useless for gauging support for DeStefano et. al. because of Blumenthal's influence. It's also very, very early. I suspect that a poll done right now with only the three delcared candidates (DeStefano, Malloy, Bysiewicz) would show Bysiewicz ahead simply because of name recognition.

It may also be a bit early for endorsements, although Bysiewicz has a few here and there.

Mike DePalma said...


I am the deputy finance director for Mayor DeStefano and I feel the need to defend my teammates on the political staff. When you examine the achievements of our political staff thus far, you'll see that they've done things no other Democratic campaign for governor has ever even tried. The campaign DVD has been viewed by thousands of Connecticut residents, and was discussed in various news outlets across the state. The reviews were mixed, which is expected, but it was very successful in growing awareness for the campaign. I also find it strange that you criticize our house meeting program when no other candidate is even attempting such an ambitious effort. As Genghis mentioned, the Quinnipiac poll should not be the only barometer used when discussing where our campaign stands right now. It's over a year until the primary, we have not purchased any media spots and the field of candidates is not clearly defined yet. What the poll does show is that our numbers are moving in the right direction, and that Rell is going to be a tough opponent for whoever runs against her in '06 (assuming she runs). That means that whichever Democrat earns the nomination will need a very strong field organization, and will need the necessary funds to get their message to the public. I believe we are doing a great job in both of these areas and the success we’ve had with fundraising should not overshadow the accomplishments of the political staff.

Julio Gonzalez said...

To "anonymous,"

What a quirky analysis of the DeStefano "political operation." It seems to me that Team DeStefano has been good on the earned media front, we are out ahead on the field organizing, and landed the first big endorsment: the Building Trades. And obviously, we have a blog that is updated several times a day and we venture out to sites like this one.

I am actually very interested in getting your feedback as to what you think a Democratic candidate taking an incumbent with Rell's positioning should do. Really, we like ideas and suggestions. After all, we are competing for the right to represent you!

Aldon Hynes said...

Well, it seems like Mike and Julio have addressed the anonymous posters question, "What is going on at the DeStefano campaign? ". The answer is a lot.

For those who don't know Julio, he is helpping with the DeStefano Blog and has written this post about a new poll which shows "Connecticut [Consumer] Confidence Remains Among Lowest in Nation".

This again illustrates the problems with Governor Rell's lack of vision as contrasted to a strong vision for a better Connecticut that Mayor DeStefano is presenting.

Ebpie said...

Anyone see that editorial on Malloy in The Day? Between that and a of couple articles in the Stamoford Advocate and Connecticut Post Malloy has been getting some great press as of late. This stands in stark contrast to what the papers have been writting about DeStefano as of late. Granted it is still early, but first impressions do matter.