Monday, April 25, 2005

May Elections -- 4/25 Update

Update 5/3/05--Results posted:
May Election Results

Two weeks to go!


Apparently there's a flap about Mayor Ron San Angelo's use of a town-owned car for official business:

When [San Angelo] ran for office two years ago, he pledged to end a practice of letting borough employees take town cars home. But he excused himself from that rule the day after his election, ordering that a town-owned 1999 Ford Crown Victoria police cruiser be equipped with a police radio and made available to him.
...Records the Republican-American obtained through the Freedom of Information Act show that his driving record with the car has been marred by at least two incidents -- an accident last October for which he was at fault, and a warning from the police chief about his driving.
Naugatuck pays $1,770 per year for insurance coverage on San Angelo's town car, a 5-year-old vehicle the town got for $1 after the lease was up.(Dalena)

I've been predicting a big win for San Angelo, simply because Democrats are so divided in Naugatuck, but a whiff of corruption or even minor abuse of power might be able to turn this one around. Naugatuck could be a test case for how important ethics really are to voters.

There's also a land proposal being made by Curtis Bosco, the endorsed Democratic candidate:

Curtis Bosco's plan involves creating two commercial parks east of New Haven Road, the main attraction being an indoor sports stadium on land owned by local business owners and brothers David and Harold Lineweber.

It also would include building age-restricted housing, four roads and a pedestrian walkway.
Petitioning candidate Peter Jurzynski said he is against Bosco's plan because it "ruins the sanctity of neighborhoods." He objects to the downtown redevelopment plan created by Fairfield developer Alexius Conroy and supported by San Angelo and Bosco for the same reason. (Siss)

No, I'm not sure what he's talking about, either. But development and land use will always be big issues in local races. There seem to be few differences between the two major candidates on redevelopment, however.

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Woodbridge and Bethany

There was a quick "meet the candidates" feature in the Amity Observer:

Meet the Candidates.

This is nice, but gives us very little about the candidates' stances. Maybe we'll see more in the coming weeks.

Bolton, Andover, Union

There is no news that I am aware of for these towns. If you know anything, don't hesiatate to post it!

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