Thursday, April 21, 2005

Open Forum

A problem with redirecting people to the Blogger start page has been fixed.

Go ahead and bring up whatever subjects you want. Budget, candidates, the new pope (not technically a CT issue, but the large Catholic population in our state makes him very relevant) and whatever else matters to you.


Scott Harris said...

Well, I'll jump in.

How many people have noticed that the DCCC's "House of Scandal" page lists Congressman Rob Simmons as the GOP Crony of the Week?

Seems to me that it is not a title he wants, seeing that he just skirted by with a re-election bid and he is likely to face a much tougher opponent and climate than 2004.

tkd27 said...

I guess I'll continue my civil unions conversation in here...

I had said that I thought the 18+ ammendment on civil unions give a great argument for seperate but equal, since it creates a clear difference between civil unions and marriage.

Ghengis pointed out that marriages requires parental consent, which is true, but the 18+ ammendment to the civil unions bill takes away the ability to get parental consent to enter into a civil union.

I would think that if a 17 year old sued the state for not letting him get married to his partner (because civil unions aren't available to him), the Supreme Court might rule that the civil union bill simply creates a "seperate" institution that is clearly unequal.

A question I have... does anyone know the answer? Will the court rule on this if by the time it gets to the Supreme Court the boy has turned 18 and get a civil union? What's the legal precedent on that? I know there's a term for it, but I forget what it is...

Anonymous said...

Here's a bit of event "whoring": AM 1300 in New Haven is going to have Stephanie Miller doing her radio show live on Monday and Tuesday.

Anyone know which of the local luminaries are going to show? Anyone in the Dem establishment going?

Liberal Grrl said...

I just wanted to share this. I am bringing my family because I think it is important to stand with those that re being oppressed.

Your voice is needed at two events this week:

Civil Unions Today
Equal Dignity Tomorrow!

Marriage Equality Action

(simultaneous to Family Institute Anti-Equality Rally)

Sunday, April 24, 2005

1:00 -- 3:30 PM

CT State Capitol, South Side
(overlooking Capitol Avenue)

featuring speeches, songs, and A Gay Wedding at 2:00 PM with marriage licenses for same-gender couples!

Celebrate the Marriage Equality Future We Seek Today!

Sponsored by the CT Marriage Equality Coalition

Background info:

The Family Institute of CT/Action is planning to bring 25,000
people to our Capitol to oppose Marriage for Same-Gender

Join the CT Marriage Equality Coalition as we celebrate the de
facto (but legally unrecognized) marriages of same-gender

To Register as a Couple or to Add your Organization or
Congregation as a Co-sponsor, go to,
click on the Contact Us link, and use the form provided.

Scott Harris said...

Don't mean to advertise whore myself, but perhaps you could give my new Talking Points Memo site a shout out to raise traffic a little bit.