Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Fifth District - Paul Vance in

Waterbury Alderman to Compete for Democratic Nomination

Alderman J. Paul Vance of Waterbury has announced his candidacy for the Fifth District congressional seat currently occupied by Nancy Johnson.

Vance... said he was undaunted by challenging the New Britain Republican, saying her long service in Congress hurts Johnson as much as it helps.

"She's been representing Washington for three or four decades, it's time we had someone represent this district," Vance said. "I've lived in this district, I know the district, I think I have good ideas," Vance said.

There are a few other possibilities, none of whom have declared anything yet:

Sen. Christopher Murphy... said Monday that he is seriously leaning toward seeking the nomination, but has yet to make his final decision, but welcomed Vance into the fold of potential candidates.

"Paul and I are friends and we share the same goal in the end which is to replace Nancy Johnson with a good, committed Democrat," Murphy said. "I don't see any reason why in the end we won't be working together toward that goal."

[Assistant Majority Leader] Rep. Demetrios Gianarros, D-Farmington, also has been among the Democrats considered likely challengers to Johnson.

I know next to nothing about these people. Do any of them pose a serious threat to Johnson? I'm waiting for Fifth District Congressional Watch to pick up on this one.

Gambini, Steve. "Vance aims to take on Johnson for Congress." Waterbury Republican-American 12 April 2005.


Anonymous said...

Senator Murphy is a tough Campaigner. Fundraising is always a big hurdle for the challenger. But if you look at Murphy’s campaigning history he's not afraid of taking on Goliath.

Genghis Conn said...

It may come down to fundraising. Supposedly Nancy Johnson has already raised over $1.5 million.

stomv said...

Hopefully the Dems nationwide see this as a chance to pick up a seat, and fund the challenger with a river of cash.

Additionally, there's plenty more Dems in Boston and Providence, and no reason why they can't come on over the state line to lend some manpower. I live in Boston, and that's what I plan on doing... working in either 2 (closer to Boston), or 5 (the area I grew up in).

smalltowndem said...

I live in the 5th District. There's nothing I'd like better than to see her go. It'll take a strong campaigner with concrete issues as well as money, though, to shake this place up, because the 5th District seems to be a serious stronghold for Republicans and Nancy Johnson appears to do a good job of communicating to her constituency.

I don't know if the fact that Johnson chaired the House Ethics Committee that cleared Gingrich matters to people around here. Yes, she's partisan, but so are a lot of the Republicans in this district.

CT05 Admin said...

Hi Genghis & company -
Both Murphy and Vance offer a formidable contrast to Mrs. Johnson, who has racked up too long a list of actions over the last ten to fifteen years to deny them. I have been in contact with both of them, and can report they are both quite serious.

The thing to bear in mind is that she has _never_ faced a meaningful challenge - including '96, which a perfect storm kind of thing. However, had Koskoff gotten the kind of financial support she deserved in the home stretch, she would certainly have won.

The new regime in WDC isn't making the mistake of going by the stats like they did in '96. I and others were on them as soon as they came into office. Steny Hoyer as reported elsewhere came up and met with DiNardo, Murphy, and Giannaros a couple weeks ago, and is to meet with Vance soon.

And we aren't waiting around either. CT05.net is the most visible aspect of a now eighteen month campaign amongst those of us in the Fifth to bounce her. We _will_ put her in play. That and some decent fundraising will make it a viable race and we'll get the support we need from the DCCC and others.

We have personal contacts with HBD, MoveOn, NCEC, and others, and have been promised support from Larson, DeLauro, DeStefano, DiNardo, and so on.

We fully intend to take that seat. And the Governor's mansion as well, BTW.


CT05 Admin