Friday, April 01, 2005

Weekend Open Forum

What's new around the state?


Anonymous said...

There is plenty new.There is a forum schedualed for Saturday with Congreeman Larson,Susan Bysiewicz and other candidates in Torrington at 9:30am but since it wasn't in the 3 papers you read none of the your readers will know about it.

There will be an article in the NYT on Liebermans woes over the weekend.

There will be an article in the Journal Inqirer within a few days on the same subject based on copious notes taken by a brave town chair in attendance at the Dem State Central committee meeting.

DFA meetup in Hartford will Host Susan Bysiewicz April 6 at 7pm

DFA in your congressional district will host Joe Courtney april 6 at 7pm

DFA New haven will host Audrey Blondin who is running for Sec. Of State and have people from CCAG explain how they can help get both the clean election bill and the publicly funded election bill passed in the state legislature.

All these events are known by people who are ACTIVE in politics and would help to make this blog relevant but I guess your readers will have to wait until after they happen to read about it and then only if one of the reporters in one of CTs fishrappers writes about them.

Anonymous said...

I want to explin to you why I am so upset.
Dr.Orman told me he reads your blog and he was thinking of sending you his press release.I had just met this gentleman for the first time and said I didn't think it was a wise thing to do.He said something to this effect.

Whomever this person is is trying to get people involved and thats enough reason for me to show Him/her some respect.

Instead of calling the number or emailing Dr. Orman with the contact info attached with your complaints you chose to publicly bash him.It's pretty easy and lazy to do what you did and showed a lack of character on your part.

I'm sure no other candidate or politician ever emailed this blog a press release and pretty sure none will in the future.

Genghis Conn said...

If someone emails me a press release I will post it. I see no ethical conflict there. If Dr. Orman's release was not for public consumption, he may contact me and I will withdraw it. He will get no such consideration from either the Lieberman camp or the Republicans, I guarantee you.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry,
Nobody will send you a thing.With 4 comments a day and fading you haven't earned that respect

stomv said...

This Mr. Anonymous character is pretty snarky.

I liked the content (but not the tone) of his first post... and, in fact, I'd love to see this blog get a calendar so that folks could see what's coming up. At it's most basic, it would just list everything for everyone. If it got popular/dense, it could be filterable. I think this would be a great way to help people stay mobilized.

Perhaps people could submit events, either through a form or via email. Of course, they'd have to be approved to ensure that they were on-topic and appropriate.


As for the Dr. Orman "bash" -- hey, its a blog. Anybody is fair game, and a blogger owes nobody a free pass, an alliance, or a suck-up. Bloggers are also free to change their minds on a dime. Finally, sometimes (I think) a blogger takes on a bit of an extreme tone to egg on conversation. So, when [b]genghis[/b] or anybody else posts comments you disagree with, call them on it in that thread. Elevate the level of discussion. Hit 'em with facts, links, philosophies, observations, and instincts.


And finally, it would be nice if folks who want to post anon would do so with a generic but specific userid. After all, there's no way to establish that Anon1 = Anon2 = Anon3 in this thread.

smalltowndem said...

In defense of this blog, and not to rain on anyone's parade (there's enough rain today as it is, yes?) but I'm an angry Dem in a small western CT Republican town, and here's what I see:

I found this blog a few months ago, and I drop by to read at least a couple of times each week. The maps are great. It's good to know the territory.

I'm not too happy with the state of CT Dem politics. The events "known by people who are ACTIVE in politics" make me yawn.

In general, state CT Dems seem an emasculated lot, the same people who've been in the system for years. Where were they when Roland was running rampant?

The "Rising Star" is finally in jail, with a sentence more suited to someone engaged in petty theft than to being the most corrupt governor in CT history.

All during his long tenure and subsequent relatively mild chastisement it sure seems to me like Dems treated him with kid gloves. Why?

His treatment indicates to me that Dems were/are either beholden to him and/or up to their eyeballs in the same systemic corruption, or they're just too damned genteel. Seemed like nothing would've happened at all if Roland hadn't turned off the spigot on the wrong constituency. But he did, apparently, and someone dropped a dime.

And as far as Lieberman goes:
CT is a small state. All the politicians are pretty much known quantities. Lieberman is a national figure with constituencies in both parties, and no CT Dem significant enough to take him on is going to suddenly appear in the existing bullpen. Paul Newman is, unfortunately, too old.

Where are the centers of power in CT politics these days? Seems to me there are none. Nothing has coalesced yet. But I've been in CT about 20 years, so maybe I just don't yet grasp CT politics.

Anonymous said...

There are many "centers of power" in the Dem party and right now they are in conflict.The DLCers or corperate Dems,which were happy to play with Rowland,are learning that their game is over.The more people that believe in that the Dem party should be the party which represents the interest of the "average man and woman"instead of "the corperate citizen"the faster this change will happen.

Blogging's wonderful, but showing up at one of the events I listed above and demanding an explanation from one of your representatives is worth more than 10,000 words typed on any blog.

When Lieberman announced at the Dem Central Committee Meeting this week that his FEC filing will show that he has already raised 1 million dollars there was more of a groanin the room than an applause because everyone in the room new that money came with a price attached.I'm proud to say that my party,the Dem party,is coming around to the idea that the price is too high.If just 10 more members of the public started showing up to these "public meetings" and made it known that they too think the price is too high change would come more quickly.

Genghis says she/he is a former Green in a comment below.If this is true I would encourage her to contact her former cohorts and encourage them to change their registration to Dem and help the large part of The Dem party who agrees with a large part of what they do.The progressive part of the Dem party is getting tired of losing votes on Dem town committees committees by 2 or three votes.We need the help of the active greens.

Luckily A few of us have been pretty successful at attending Green events with this message and convincing some to do this.

stomv said...

Anon claims:
Blogging's wonderful, but showing up at one of the events I listed above and demanding an explanation from one of your representatives is worth more than 10,000 words typed on any blog.

I respectfully disagree. Far too often, the explainations offered by representatives toe the line, don't veer from the middle ground too much, and don't directly take a stand. Legislators are (neccessarily) squirrely. Furthermore, it's unlikely that the response will have ripples of any substantial impact.

Blogs, OTOH, have tremendous power. They can get the sharks alligned and circling for blood, both through research and rumor. They can draw attention to a problem, event, or circumstance and raise public awareness substantially. They can foster great discussion, helping allign the base and educate everyone involved.

To be sure, I'm not suggesting that we souldn't be questioning and challenging our legislators, or that any ol' blog can wield tremendous influence. But to poop on blogs en masse is a bit shortsighted methinks. Representatives are voted in, and if a blog has a wide reach, it can influence more than a handful of voters, campaign volunteers, and donors.

Anonymous said...

I didn't poop on blogs and probably blog more than anyone here(I'm disabled so have alot of time to) but blogging should be used as a reinforcement for activism not a replacement. Blogging doesn't count toward the minimum three hrs a week of direct action everyone owes to this country if they want it back.