Tuesday, May 03, 2005

May Elections -- Results


Democrats picked up a seat in Andover's board of finance election, where longtime Republican chairman Ylo Anson was not re-elected. Democrat Marie Burbank was elected to the board for the first time, while the other two candidates, both of whom were cross-endorsed by both parties, won re-election. A Republican fire commissioner also lost his seat.

Rabkin, April. "Anson loses Andover Finance Board seat to Democratic surge." Journal-Inquirer 3 May, 2005.


Democratic First Selectwoman Derrylyn Gorski won re-election over Republican Newton Borgerson and independent candidate Boaz Itshaky. No word on other races in this town.

Albert, Bridget. " Gorski, Marrella continue to lead." Orange Bulletin 2 May 2005.


Republican Robert Morra was re-elected as First Selectman over Democrat Leslie Shea. Republicans did well in most other races. The Board of Selectmen will continue to be dominated 2-1 by Republicans.

Heuer, Max. "Morra wins another term in Bolton as Republicans maintain dominance." Journal-Inquirer 3 May, 2005.


Democrats split their vote between endorsed candidate Curtis Bosco and petitioning candidate Peter Jurzynski, allowing Republican Mayor Ron San Angelo to win another term.

Unofficially, San Angelo received 2,989 votes, 42 percent of the total, followed by Democratic challenger Curtis Bosco, who took 2,458 votes, 34.6 percent.

Petitioning candidate Peter Jurzynski received 1,518 votes, or 21.4 percent, and William Woermer, another petitioning candidate, gained 139 votes, or 2 percent. (Siss)

Republicans kept their majority on the board of burgesses despite losing one seat to Democrats.

Siss, Will. "Mayor wins 2d term with 42% of vote in 4-way run." Waterbury Republican-American 3 May 2005.


Republican First Selectwoman Amey Marrella defeated Democrat Laurence Grothier. No word on other races in this town.

Albert, Bridget. " Gorski, Marrella continue to lead." Orange Bulletin 2 May 2005.

This was a pretty good night for incumbents in most towns. Accusations of ethics violations against incumbents in both Woodbridge and Naugatuck did not have enough of an effect to block their re-election. Party control hasn't shifted in any of the races we know of, except on the board of finance in Andover.

I will post more information as it becomes available. I'll especially be watching to see if Woodbridge and Bethany cough up some more results.
Final results and analysis


Anonymous said...

So any comment on the (non) handshake that shook Woodbridge after polls closed last week?

Anonymous said...

All other boards may be dominated by republicans, but the Bolton Board of Selecten is 3-2 Democrats.