Monday, April 18, 2005

Ed. Commissioner Sternberg to Meet with Spellings Today

Meeting with U.S. Sec'y of Education Likely to Focus on No Child Left Behind

(Note: I'll be posting on something of a reduced schedule this week, due to a very interesting research project that I'll clue you in on when it goes public)

Connecticut's Commissioner of Education will meet with Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings today following a contentious exchange of statements over Sternberg and Attorney General Blumenthal's opposition to the controversial No Child Left Behind act. Spellings had referred to opponents of the law as "un-American," and parroted the oft-used Bush Administration talking point that opposing the law is a sign of the "soft bigotry of low expectations" towards poor and minority students. Sternberg had demanded an apology for the remark, but none has been forthcoming.

Spellings has shown herself to be no different than her predecessor Rod Paige in her haughty and condescending attitude towards education professionals (Paige, if you remember, famously compared the NEA to a terrorist organization). Spellings has never taught a class or even worked in a school, so her appreciation for and understanding of the people and issues of the system she oversees is limited at best. She is, to be frank, little more than a mouthpiece for administration policy. Sternberg should expect to make little headway today.

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