Friday, January 28, 2005

May Elections News: Naugatuck Dem Primary

Update 5/3/05--Results posted:
May Election Results

The first election this year won't be in May after all, but in March. In what apparantly is a recurring theme, Peter J. Jurzynski of Naugatuck has collected enough signatures to force a Democratic primary for mayor against endorsed candidate Curtis Bosco.

While Mr. Jurzynski hasn't had much success running for mayor (he forced primaries in 2001 and 2003; but didn't win either), he still believes he can win by running as the only "true Democrat" in the race.

Fun fact about Mr. Bosco; he was a Republican until a few weeks ago:

Curtis Bosco returned to the Democratic Party just three days before the Democratic Town Committee endorsed him for mayor, after a nine-year absence. Bosco had registered as a Democrat in 1974, switched to unaffiliated in 1995 after losing a re-election bid as a Democratic burgess, and joined the Republican Party in 1997 after working on Mayor Tim Barth's campaign.

But then again, in Republican-leaning Naugatuck, that might not be a hinderance. But even if he loses the primary, Jurzynski fans should not despair; he's already qualified to run in the general election as a petitioning candidate.

Source: Dalena, Doug. "Candidate forces party primary Jurzynski files proper signatures." Waterbury Republican-American, 28 January 2005.

The Republicans, meanwhile, have had their disagreements with Mayor San Angelo, but re-endorsed him January 12th.

Source: Dalena, Doug. "GOP endorses borough slate San Angelo leads ticket." Waterbury Republican-American, 13 January 2005.

FYI, the Democratic candidates are posted here.

Naugatuck has been trending Republican in recent years, so it's likely that at least the board of burgesses (currently 4-6 GOP) will stay that way. The split in the Democratic Party almost guarantees San Angelo a win. Don't look for much change in Naugatuck this year.

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