Thursday, January 20, 2005

Sullivan's "new" plan

Lt. Gov. Kevin Sullivan, who has been one of the few Democrats willing to criticize Gov. Rell's administration, has unveiled a new fiscal plan that he says will cut the deficit and lower property taxes. How's he going to pay for it? The millionaire's tax, naturally.

"It's time ... to be bold and think outside the box, outside the choices we've always made," Sullivan told an audience of about 200 municipal administrators and town leaders at the 30th annual town meeting of the Council of Small Towns at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center in Cromwell.

Hate to point this out, but the millionaire's tax-as-magic-bullet is hardly thinking outside the box.

The idea is not a bad one. Towns are struggling to provide services without igniting a tax revolt (in Enfield, that annoying Taxpayer's Party is sniffing around), and the state does need to shift some of that burden on to itself. But I don't believe that the millionaire's tax by itself will provide the income necessary. Is there more to this plan?

But hey, Sullivan's running for governor next year. Now is his chance to be on the side of the little guy, and offering property tax relief and help for towns is a good angle. Expect to hear statements like this a lot from him in the future:

"It's time for state government to be thoughtful and innovative and to be your partner again," he told municipal officials.

I still think he has no chance.

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