Monday, January 17, 2005

Local Council Control (by town)

Map is a 1.7MB bitmap.

This is a map that shows which parties control town councils or boards of selectmen in Connecticut.

Why is town council/board of selectman control important?

All politics, as they say, is local. Although turnout for municipal elections is usually quite low, the most politically active citizens in the town or city will usually turn out for them. Therefore, the elections can be an indication of which parties are more active in which towns, which parties are better organized, which parties can get out the vote, etc. Municipal elections can also help us to measure overall political trends in the state, which we will be following as time progresses.

Besides, it's fun.

Does town council control track with presidential/governor/state legislator races?

Generally, it seems to, but in some cases it does not. We'll be looking at these, and I'll be creating more maps.

What are the purple towns?

Weird places where third parties actually get elected to office, and minority governments can rule! Very interesting. I'll be examining those, too, before they disappear.

When are the next elections?

The towns of Andover, Bolton, Union, Bethany, Naugatuck and Woodbridge hold their elections in May of this year. Everyone else holds them in November. Watch for yard signs in April, Andover-ites!

Map based on information found on the Towns, Cities and Boroughs website of the Secretary of the State of Connecticut:
Information not available there was found at official town websites.


Sheila McCreven said...

Hello from Woodbridge, where Democrats just won an additional seat on our Board of Selectmen to evenly split the BOS 3-3 with Republicans. Here's a link to full election results, FYI:

Genghis Conn said...

Great stuff, Sheila. Thanks!