Tuesday, January 25, 2005

May Elections News: Bethany and Woodbridge

This is a little out of date, but I want to try and collect as much info on the site as possible:

Slates Chosen in Bethany and Woodbridge.

Bethany and Woodbridge are right next to one another, located between Waterbury and New Haven. Both towns are currently Republican-controlled: Woodbridge's Board of Selectmen is controlled by the GOP 4-2, while Bethany's three-person Board is comprised of two Republicans and one Democrat. Interestingly, the Democrat is 1st Selectwoman Derrylyn Gorski. Here's a telling statement from the article:

Bethany voted for President Bush by a single vote in November, while Woodbridge went for Kerry by a wide margin. Bethany voted for a Democratic state representative in 2004, but Woodbridge didn't have that opportunity, as district 114, of which Woodbridge is a part, was one of the many without a challenger. In this case, no Democrats ran against Themis Klarides. They are part of a single state senate district, but this time no Republican ran against Democrat Joe Crisco. Both offered solid but not overwhelming support for John Rowland in 2002. Their voting habits of late suggest that they are Republican-leaning, as does this telling quote about Bethany's First Selectwoman from the article:

Gorski, who was elected in 2003, is the first woman and the second Democrat to lead the town since it was incorporated in 1832.

Bethany and Woodbridge both seem to trend more Democratic than some of the wealthier towns to their east, but less so than neighboring Hamden and New Haven. Bethany trends more Republican than Woodbridge overall. These two will be interesting to watch. If I had to call it right now, I'd probably think that both will stay in Republican hands, although Democrats may pick up a seat in Woodbridge.

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