Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Bolton candidates; Bethany update

Update 5/3/05--Results posted:
May Election Results


Bolton parties selected candidates for municipal offices last Tuesday, which was the January 18th nomination deadline.

Bolton follows no clear election pattern. The town voted strongly for Kerry in 2004, but also voted strongly for Rowland in 2002. The five-member board of selectmen is controlled by Democrats (4-1) with only the First Selectman being a Republican. Minority representation isn't guaranteed in Bolton, but this statute from Bolton's charter all but assures it:

The votes cast for any unsuccessful candidate for First Selectman shall be counted as votes for such person as a member of the Board of Selectmen.

This means that whoever loses the race for First Selectman will probably win a seat on the board in general. Therefore, either the First Selectman or at least one of the board members will be a member of a minority party.

The town voted to re-elect both its state rep. and its state senator. The rep. is a Republican (the minority whip, Pamela Sawyer) and the senator is a Democrat (Mary Ann Handley). Bolton also supported Republican Rob Simmons over Jim Sullivan for Congress. Perhaps this is a town that favors incumbents--although that could be said of most towns.

This one is a toss-up. I'd think Bolton would lean Democratic, based on the current composition of the board of selectmen, but the 2004 election results were mixed. Since one of the Democratic selectmen is not running for another term, the GOP has a chance to pick up his seat.


An independent has joined the race for First Selectman in Bethany. Acupuncturist Boaz It'shaky (really!) appears to be running on sort of an anti-tax platform:

"I am a very strong believer in choices. And the anticipated increase in taxes in the next five to seven years has me concerned," he said.

He also wants to fix unspecified "problems" at the high school and build senior housing in town.

"I am a strong advocate for senior housing. I am thinking that a senior facility that comprises both assisted living and a nursing home combination would work in Bethany," Its'haky said.

He seems to be setting himself up as a candidate for the old cranks. He should be fun.

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