Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Open Forum

Probably no posting Wednesday from me... I'll be at meetings all day. Feel free to fill in the gaps.


Aldon Hynes said...

Anyone from this blog going to be at the Secretary of State Candidate Forum in New Haven Wednesday evening?

(Hall of Records, 200 Orange Street)

If so, say hello. Those of you who don't know me can find a fairly current headshot here

DeStefano For CT

MikeCT said...

Dan Levine, political columnist for the CT Law Tribune and former political reporter for the Hartford Advocate, has begun a new original news blog (ie, not just links to existing articles), CTNewsJunkie.com.

Aldon Hynes said...

A couple quick comments:

First, stop by at DeStefano for CT to read my recap of the Secretary of State Candidate Forum. Comments are appreciated.

Also, I'm not sure if people have seen the article in the Record Journal about Rowland finding a teaching role in prison. I would encourage people to read it.

It is also interesting to note that they have a poll on how Jodi Rell is doing. Right now, her numbers are scattered all over the place with 17% saying she is doing excellent. 23% saying she is doing okay and 10% saying she is doing terrible. Add your voice there as well.

MikeCT said...

Andy Fleischmann would make a great Secretary of State. As a state rep, he has been a leader in the House for campaign finance reform for years. He also has a strong record in supporting consumer protection, health care, and environmental legislation. He is solidly in support of paper ballots for electronic voting machines, and wants to increase voter registration and voter participation.

He also has years of 100% voting records with environmental and pro-choice groups, as well as the CT Citizen Action Group.

Check out his campaign Web site and his legislative Web site.