Friday, May 13, 2005

Open Forum

You can put reactions to the sub base closing, the Ross execution and anything else that's on your mind here.

Apparently, The decision to recognize the Schagticokes and the Eastern Pequots has been overturned.


Scott Harris said...

Not a good day in the history of Connecticut. Not a good day at all.

Genghis Conn said...


Agreed. Pretty lousy.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or was WVIT-30's coverage of the Ross thing Thursday night over the top?

The graphic read 'date with death.'

ebpie said...

I go to college in New London. There is nothing more amazing than seeing those subs leave the Thames river in the morning. It is interesting to see the reaction of Democrats around CT. Joe Courtney, as far as I can tell, has remained quiet on the issue. Simmons campaigned on being the better candidate to keep the base open so sooner or later it is going to be used by the Democrats. Lt. Gov. Sullivan and Stamford Mayor/gubenatorial candidate Dan Malloy have both issued statesments saying they are supporting Rell. Sullivan even commended her. New Haven Mayor John Destefano went the other route and is accusing her of not doing enough. It probably wouldn't have hurt for Rell to go down to DC a few more times, every little bit helps. Yet Sen. Lieberman and Rep. Simmons have been pushing this issue non-stop. I don't think Rell being down there would have made a huge difference in the end. I think now is the time for bipartisanship. It is good to see Sullivan and Malloy willing to work with the GOP. Destefano couldn't take a break for a day. That could come back to haunt him.

ctkeith said...

Everyone new the base was going to be on this list.It was on the list in 1993 and should have been closed then.It would have been much less painful if the closure had happened during the 90s with the economy we had then but politics saved it.

one more thing;
Republicans don't do bi-partisanship .They consider it the equivelent of Daterape.

Great Santini said...

Governor Rell and Rob Simmons will make out just fine. If the unexpected happens and the BRAC Commission overturns the SUBBASE closing recommendation, they will be heroes and stand a good chance to be reelected. If not, and they lose their next election, both will get jobs in the Bush Administration if they want them. Simmons is a natural for ASST SECDEF, CIA, NSA, or DIA and Rell could move into HHS, Education, EPA, etc.

Great Santini said...

Governor Rell and Congressman Simmons will come out of this OK. If the BRAC Commission overturns the recommendation to close SUBBASE NEW LONDON, then Rell and Simmons will be heroes and in good shape for reelection. If not, and both lose their next elections in 2006, both will probably get cabinet positions in the last two years of the Bush Administration. Simmons is a natural for NSA, DIA, CIA, DEF, etc. Rell, if she wants it - just had a major life altering experience you know - could slide into HHS, Education, VA, etc.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Sam Gejdenson saved the sub base in 1993 only to barely win re-election in 1994. His margin ended up being certified at 21 votes, but I believe election night was only about 6..

The base is important, but keeping it may not necessarily be reason enough to re-elect him.

ctkeith said...

great santini,

How Republican of you to worry about Rell and Simmons.LOL