Monday, May 16, 2005

More Polls

In last week's way-too-early poll about Democratic contenders, most of you supported Mayor John DeStefano of New Haven (68%). Perennial favorite None of the Above came in second (15%) with Bysiewicz (11%) and Malloy (6%) rounding out the field. There were 71 votes cast.

The way, way-too-early general election poll showed the generic Democratic contender far ahead of Jodi Rell, 72%-25%. Only 61 people voted in this one.

What do these polls tell us, besides the fact that a lot of Democrats hang out here? (I think we knew that) Not too much. The choice of DeStefano is interesting, but again, it's early.

If anyone wants to defend their choices, this is the place to do it.

I've put up some new polls, this time more topical.


Indian2Nighthawk said...

I voted for John DeStefano because I KNOW he is the best chance we have for taking back the Governor's Mansion in '06!

DeStefano isn't running on a platform of Jodi Rell is currupt or incompitent. He is running on his experience, his determination and his vision for the future of Connecticut.

I heard DeStefano talk about his vision for our state's future at my town's Democratic Town Committee. He blew me away and lots of other people in the room too.

DeStefano isn't a guy who wants to be Governor because its what he has always wanted to do. DeStefano wants to change Connecticut for the better and he can do that best from the Governor's seat.

He's got ideas for transportation and job growth, he has ideas for finding better ways to fund education in our state; and most importantly for me (as a 25 year old), he has plans to make housing affordable so that I can live here in the future.

I support John DeStefano because he is the IDEAS candidate and he can win!

DeStefano has raised more than anyone, he has the only labor endorsement and he is the smartest politician I have ever met. If we don't elect DeStefano governor then we all will lose.

Anonymous said...

These polls certainly don't mean anything electorally - but they certainly give you a sense of who's got a strong activist base... and clearly Destefano is looking pretty impressive in that dept.

Genghis Conn said...

That he is, anonyomous. So far, of all the candidates (Rell included) DeStefano has aroused the most passion in his base. No one is really all that excited about Malloy or Bysiewicz, that's for sure.

opster said...

John DeStefano spoke at our union meeting on Friday night- before the talk he was down on the floor talking to anyone who wanted to speak to him- I never saw the other two doing that type of thing, they just play the insider game and talk to other pols.

UConn'04 said...

As a recent grad I look to a canidate who speaks to the issues of importance to me - economic development (specifically job growth) and housing - I'm still living at home with my dad because its the only thing I can afford.

John DeStefano speaks to these issues and more. As was previously commented on he's not running on the fact that he wants to be governor but because he knows good leadership is the key to getting things done to improve the state - and he says in his stump speech - in his 12 years as mayor he hasn't seen that leadership in hartford.

I think he may even like kittens :)

ctkeith said...

But will all 3 go away if Blumenthol jumps in?Where oh where does Blummy fit in?

ebpie said...

I think Destefano, Bysewiecz, and Malloy wouldn't drop out just because Blumenthal entered the race. It would, however, drastically reduce their chances of getting the nomination and lead to a much shorter primary. If Dodd got in then all three probably would drop out fairly quickly.

DeanFan84 said...


Blumenthal?? You mean "Little Dick" Blumenthal?

Little Dick has lost all my respect. At first I gave him the benefit of the doubt when everyone else complained about how ball-less he is. If he were to jump in now, I would just regard him as a narcissistic prick, and I sure wouldn't dump the candidate I've already invested in, --both in terms of time, and money.

Were he to find some balls and challenge Lieberman, however..... that would be a different story.