Sunday, May 29, 2005

New Campaign Sites

I'm putting together a list of up-and-running campaign sites for this year and next. If you know of any not currently on the sidebar, please list them here.

At this point, it seems that mostly non-incumbents have sites up. Some incumbents have been updating their sites, so I have listed them here. I haven't been able to find a single Republican challenger for, well, anything.

I haven't included Rob Simmons because he hasn't updated his site since the election. I haven't located sites for any of Nancy Johnson's potential challengers, either.

Sites for this November's municipal elections are very much needed.

New poll on sidebar.

Maps are not working. My shady free file storage service seems to have vanished. Figures. I'm working on it, but maps may be down for a couple of days.


MikeCT said...

Chris Murphy, who is running against Nancy Johnson, does not yet have a campaign Web site but does have a legislative Web site and a decent legislative record .

Jason Jakubowski, Democratic candidate for Mayor of New Britain, has a site. Miguel Angel Nieves is also running as a Green candidate.

Dean Esposito, the likely Democratic candidate for Mayor in Danbury, has the beginnings of a site. He will challenge Republican incumbent Mark Boughton, who has picked up on the tried and true method of attacking immigrants as a means of getting re-elected (and whipping up white supremacists).

Dave Mooney said...

Bob Calzone is a Democrat running in Stratford's first mayoral race. Other Democrats running are James Miron and Dennis Broedlin but I don't belive either of them have a website.

Republican Jonathan Best also has a site. From the looks of it, Best's site was designed in 1995, which demostrates exceptional forethought. :) He's one of four Republicans running.

There are also two unaffliated candidates, bringing the total hats in the ring to nine!