Wednesday, October 19, 2005

October Special Session: What to Expect

The legislature will be meeting in special session over the next week. Here's some of what they hope to address:

Campaign Fianance Reform

The long-awaited bill should--should--go to a vote next week. We'll see if it actually happens. The AP reports that "closed-door meetings" are going on to work out an implementation schedule for public financing, which was the sticking point at the end of the regular session. If it comes to a vote, it will probably pass by a small margin.

Eminent Domain

Now that the New London City Council has dumped the NLDC, eminent domain and its effects will be on everyone's minds again. I'd like to see stricter laws passed in this area, but I'm not holding my breath.

Heating Oil Costs

It's going to be a long winter. There's a lot of uncertainty about the heating oil supply for the coming winter following the Katrina/Rita disasters and the declaration of bankruptcy by Heating Oil Partners, the suppliers for Automatic TLC (hint: if you're a customer of Automatic TLC, like I am, I suggest giving them a call).

The legislature will almost certainly earmark up to $30 million, mostly from the state's $29 million projected budget surplus, for heating assistance. I would suggest that we try not to use all of the surplus, but, if it's the only way, heating assistance is as good a use of it as any.

There are other issues to be resolved, like the creation of a contracting review board. Campaign finance reform and heating oil assistance are the two most pressing issues that ought to be resolved one way or the other before the end of the session.

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Dave Mooney said...

An anti-emminent domain ordinance failed to pass the Stratford Town Council. It failed with 5-4 against, and 2 absent/abstain. The two absent councilmen were expected to support it. The vote did not go down party lines.

Here's an article Stratford Star

Aldon Hynes said...

For a different take on what special session means read my blog entry about a local State Rep.