Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Campaign Finance Reform Pushed Back (Again)

Legislative Democrats quickly closed today's special session, called by the governor and intended to deal with campaign finance reform, and set a date for their own session in one week's time.

Chances of getting a real reform bill passed are getting dimmer all the time. The governor isn't helping matters by sending mixed messages. There was a fundraiser (with many lobbyists) that took the guise of a golf tournament called the "Governor's Cup," and now the Journal-Inquirer is reporting that Rell has been appearing in some fishy-sounding state tourism ads. Former Gov. Rowland caught a lot of flak for appearing in endless tourism ads during the run up to his last re-election campaign. Rell will be declaring her candidacy this Friday.

It's safe to say that reform is badly needed around here. It's less certain whether it will ever actually happen.

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Anonymous said...


This is the problem - look how lobbyists exploit even the most benign photo ops to insinuate that they have "Connections". It's a joke.