Thursday, March 17, 2005

A Challenger Appears on the Horizon

Lieberman Quakes in Boots

The first nut has dropped from the tree. Yes, liberal Democrats in Connecticut finally have a man at whom they can roll their eyes, shake their heads, make critical clucking noises, and say "pass."

John Orman, of Trumbull, said he is creating an advisory committee to evaluate a run for the Democratic nomination.

"There is a great national debate going on for the heart and soul of the Democratic party," said Orman, 56. "Let the battle begin here and now in Connecticut." (AP)

Has the great duel, the mother of all battles, begun? Ahem.

Orman is a political science professor at Fairfield University, known mostly for his unsuccessful attempt to stop Lieberman from running for two offices at once in 2000. He also was crushed in an attempt to unseat Rep. Stewart B. McKinney in 1984, his only other political experience.

To give you an idea of Orman's political sense, here's an excerpt from an article about his 1984 campaign:

The 35-year-old Mr. Orman has never before sought electoral office, and his ads link him strongly to Walter F. Mondale, in the hope that a big Mondale victory could carry him into office. (Schmalz)

That plan didn't go so well, as liberals, Mondale included, were steamrolled all across the country. Tellingly, despite the fact that Fairfield County generated an enormous amount of money for the Democratic Party, Orman's campaign received no funding from them. Orman expects the same amount of support this time around:

...[Orman] acknowledged that Lieberman is very popular and will have the support of the Democratic party's establishment. Mounting the challenge now, "could make Joe Lieberman be a Democrat for a year," he said. (AP)

Come on. If liberal Democrats are serious about getting rid of Lieberman, the worst thing they could do is send up an "it's the principle of the thing" candidate instead of a real one. If Orman runs, he'll be crushed. This will be less a grounding for Lieberman than a validation.


Sources: "Politics professor considering challenging Lieberman". Associated press 17 March 2005.

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stomv said...

I'll take a David v Goliath challenger over no challenger at all. If nothing else, it
* forces Lieberman to spend some time working in Connecticut instead of on Faux News.
* allows more people interested in Democrat politics the opportunity to be involved in a campaign, and learn the ins and outs, dos and don'ts.
* may encourage Lieberman to keep a little bit more to the left.
* continues to stir the pot, thereby encouraging Connecticut Democrats to stay involved, keep track of the issues, and practice showing up at the polls
* may result in energizing some Dems to work on House races, helping the Dems change their 2-3 deficit to a 3-2 or 4-1 advantage.

So, will he win? Not bloody likely. Will his efforts help both progressive and Democratic politics? Quite possibly.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ask Courtney if he's not afraid of Joe providing cover for Simmons in 06.
I did,and you might be rather suprised at the answer I recieved.