Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Abercrombie Wins Special Election

Vote Close for Vacant House Seat

The AP and Channel 8 (WTNH-TV) are reporting that Democrat Christine Abercrombie has won a very close election in the 83rd House (Meriden-Berlin) district tonight.

Abercrombie, a former PTO president, defeated Republican city councilman Robert Clermont 1,438-1,314 (these are intial numbers reported by the AP: they may change), or 52.2%-47.7%. (Channel 8 originally reported a much closer victory of 976-949).

Turnout was about 21%. That actually isn't bad for a special election during a much-hyped snowstorm.

Abercrombie will replace Democrat James Abrams, who resigned in January. The makeup of the House (98 Democrats, 53 Republicans) will not change.

Source: "Democrat holds House seat in Meriden-Berlin district". Associated Press 1 March 2005.

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