Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lieberman Booed at JJB Dinner?

According to several reports, Joe Lieberman didn't receive such a warm reception at the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey dinner tonight, despite praise from Chris Dodd and Barack Obama.
Lieberman became Obama's mentor when Obama was sworn into the Senate in 2005. They stayed close at Thursday night's event, too, entering the room together and working the crowd in tandem.

Despite the camaraderie between the two, the crowd was clearly more receptive to Obama's remarks than Lieberman's speech about party unity and the potential for Democratic victories at the ballot box this fall.

In fact, scattered boos greeted Lieberman when he took the podium, and he had to stop three times during his remarks to shush the crowd so he could deliver key points.(AP)

There are similar reports from My Left Nutmeg and Daily Kos. All three sources seem to indicate that the boos weren't loud, long, or made by many people, but they also seem to agree that Lieberman's speech wasn't nearly as well-received as the others.

I have to wonder--if that's the JJB, what's the convention going to be like? I hope I can manage media credentials for it: I'd love to see and report on that for myself (are you listening, Democratic HQ? I did send you an email).

If anyone was there tonight, I'd love to hear your impressions. Is the AP story accurate? Was it overblown? Did it miss things?

Whatever the case, I can't imagine that John Bailey, who put the unity of the party above all things, would approve. I wonder what he'd make of this situation? Maybe Joe Lieberman, who wrote a biography of Bailey, is wondering that, too.


"Obama rallies state Democrats, throws support behind Lieberman." Associated Press 30 March, 2006.


Anonymous said...

to quote Shelly Sindland from FoxNews61-- "Ned Lamont says he wants no part of the booing"...

Obama slums in support of Lieberman... Shame on him!

Anonymous said...

I am a Joe Supporter and was at the JJB and I was appalled at the Lamont faction booing the Senator. The AP story was 100% correct. The booing did nothing but give the press ammo to use against our Party. The Lamont people need to get some civility and show respect for the Senator. Leave that negative stuff to use on the Republicans.

Spirit of 1776 said...

I think it's great...and I would like to see more D's openly supporting Joe. He has been a thoughtful leader and has acted as a man of conscious; more than I can say for the "weathervane" politicians. How can the D's even contemplate making this senate seat vulnerable. They never seem to learn...

Anonymous said...


Really, Joe has put himself in front of the Party! Even Harry Reid has said, "Joe is out there, all alone. Even Republicans don't side with Joe."

Anonymous said...

Yes, Lieberman got a pretty tepid reaction tonight -- but it's not surprising, given some of his policy positions. In fact, the audience chatter was fairly persistent throughout the evening, and it wasn't until Obama took the podium that attendees stopped their schmoozing and actually listened. To be fair, it didn't help that various courses of dinner were being rather noisily brought in while many of the speakers were on stage -- but most people seemed in the mood to chit-chat instead of paying attention to the speeches. The audience seemed to react most strongly whenever unions were mentioned -- for instance, the picketing threats that have pushed the May convention out of the Convention Center. Still, despite the attendees' general restlessness, Obama was able to get them to pay attention, cheer enthusiastically, and even give him a standing ovation at one point. He was definitely the most inspiring speaker of the evening, as expected.

Unrelated observation: Interestingly, the only campaign that had a significant signage presence during the dinner was Dan Malloy's -- every time his name was mentioned by one of the speakers, Malloy supporters raised their large blue campaign signs. Well planned, and a great visual statement. Malloy supporters were also out in force outside the convention center well before any other campaigns had arrived with their signage -- a well-executed strategy on their part.

Anonymous said...

You were at the Democratic JJB dinner? I guess the Rell/McCain event wasn't enough for you?

Senator Lieberman wants respect? This is the same guy who has a "date" with Sean Hannity once a month!?!

Tell Joe to give back his Republican $$$$$, and have Hadassah quit her job as a lobbyist for Big Pharma via Hill & Knowlton-- and then, maybe, we'll have a talk.

P.S. I can't believe Matt Lieberman never served in the military. For a hawk like Joe, his son's wussiness has got to be a real embarassment. When will a Lieberman serve our country??

Anonymous said...

anytime I'm convinced the Republicans have lost it the Democrats go ahead and do something so blindingly stupid as to restore my faith in my original judgment

Anonymous said...

yeah, as an anonymous Republican you love Joe Lieberman!

How much money have you donated? And what are the chances Joe goes Zell Miller and french-kisses the GOP before all is said and done??

Anonymous said...

Again people - something is being lost here. Where do our State Legislators stand and what can they do to bring peace to all this internal warfare nonsense?

Since we don't have a Governor, and our U.S. House Members have already come out on this issue, the only remaining opinion leaders for our party are in the State House and Senate. Let's get them on the record supporting either Joe or Ned and be done with this foolishness.

Division only hurts the party in November.

Anonymous said...

If Lieberman wanted Love He shoud have attended a Hamas Dinner.After all thats the group who have benifited the Most from his sponsoring of the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998.GO JOE GO.

Genghis Conn said...

a-HEM. Civility, remember.

Interesting about the Malloy supporters. The Malloy campaign is doing all the right things at this point.

Anonymous said...

Malloy is doing all the right things???

Malloy equals Alec Baldwin!

He'll say anything to get your love and attention.

Anonymous said...

actually I'm sorta peeved at Joe's blatant positioning these days against "big oil Republicans" (do all Democrats walk to work and burn wood for heat?).

But it's Bob Casey sr. all over again. Purge the party of those who don't think right. I presume if Lamont wins Lieberman will be airbrushed out of all old Democratic photos

Anonymous said...

The Last JJB Dinner Lieberman bothered to show up for was 2001 if I remember correctly.Ya think Maybe most of those in attendence new Lieberman would rather be anywhere other than in Ct?

I guaruntee Lieberman will be happy to get back home and breathe his true Hometown air in DC tommorrow.

Anyone think Lieberman will step foot in Ct again after he loses his Senate seat?

Anonymous said...

What is your price? What did the Malloy campaign offer you for your endorsement?

What are the right things Malloy is saying to you?

Are you another Connecticut Trust Fund Baby, (with a Liberal conscience), but delighted by Dannel's support for a repeal of CT's estate tax?

Or do you not like black and hispanic people? You know, the kind that can't afford to live in Enfield, -- but you wouldn't want them there, anyway!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the loony lamont lackeys were at the JJB in force. Funny that Joe supporters don't feel compelled to respond to your silliness.

Anonymous said...

insulting the site host is really not a good way for him to see the light about DeStefano

Anonymous said...

CT Keith, well I'll be a monkey's uncle. You're back with your trademark insults. GC makes the observation that the Malloy campaign is doing its thing and doing it well, and you attack him for it. How can you be such a jerk?

Genghis Conn said...


That's so amazingly random I have no idea where to begin.

I remember seeing you over in the open forum. Just so you're aware, the offending posts were removed as soon as I saw them, which was around 9pm or so. I understand your anger over them--I wasn't happy, either. May I suggest that I'm less the cause of your anger than the actual posters?

ctblogger said...


Where were you. I was there and I can tell you that Joe didn't get a good reception at all. In fact, there were a fair share of boos and it wasn't coming from the Lamont tables.

In fact, the boos were so louds that Obama noticed and said a few words about it.

You of all people should of found a way to get in there. I was hoping to finally meet you...

I think you can see the whole thing on CT-N and judge for yourself.

Genghis Conn said...


Interesting... the AP article seems to suggest that it was just the Lamont supporters doing the booing.

I don't think anyone can deny that Connecticut Democrats are sharply divided over this.

As for getting into places, I decided to focus on the convention instead of the JJB. I'll let you all know how I'm progressing with that one.

ctblogger said...

Anon 11:51 PM,

Please, I was there also and saw firsthand what happened there.

The boos where not coming straight from the Lamont tables. In fact, there were two Lamont tables at best. The boos where coming from throughout the room and we were all pretty stunned my the amount of boos Joe received. For a JJB dinner in which Lieberman was the head guy, he didn't do so well.

I personally saw Ned work the tables and from what I saw, he received a good amount of support. There were people in the Lieberman camp also but from what I saw, they didn't do so well (in fact it was quite obvious).

I only wished I had my video camera so I can show everyone what really happened...

12:57 said...

Former Connecticut Democratic Congressman Jim Maloney, who voted against the launch of the war while he served in the House, said he thinks Lieberman's other accomplishments will overshadow the concerns about his stance on the Iraq War.

"I'm still confident my position was correct, but I just as strongly believe that Senator Lieberman voted his conscience," Maloney said. "Even those of us who don't agree with him on that one issue have to credit him for doing what he thinks is the right thing."

Would you call Maloney the establishment guy or the populist? Whichever, he is supporting DeStefano and Lieberman. But, how much pull does he have these days?

stomv said...

A little competition before the primariy is a good think. It helps the party set priorities, practice and implement voter outreach and GOTV ground work before the general election, and keeps them in the news longer, resulting in higher name ID.

To be honest, I think that whichever wins the primary will win the general, so therefore I think that these thoughts of CT risking a solid Dem seat in the Senate are foolish.

MikeCT said...

Actually, AP never even suggests that the boos came from Lamont supporters: "In fact, scattered boos greeted Lieberman when he took the podium, and he had to stop three times during his remarks to shush the crowd so he could deliver key points." Neither the Courant nor the Register mentions any booing. The "scattered boos" seem to be largely a blog story.

The Courant also has this humorous note:
But Obama later mocked Lieberman, most likely inadvertently, when he described Bush as measuring progress in Iraq in terms of the increasing number of cellphones in use there, but ignoring the number of flag-draped coffins arriving at Andrews Air Force Base.

Bush, in fact, had quoted Lieberman who, upon returning from Iraq last fall, had remarked on the number of cellphones he had seen in use.

And please stop with the bolded protests about how Genghis is single-handedly responsible for the bigotry and rudeness of every loon who posts slurs and insults here. And stop pretending that it would all stop and the Klan would go out of existence if only Genghis only made Klan members use a handle. This place only gets more goofy with time.

ct_guy said...

I was there as well, and the Malloy observations are dead on. Driving in, they must have had 30 to 40 sign waivers in the surrounding blocks, I didn't see 1 DeStefano sign. Inside, same story... blue Malloy shirt everywhere, and they were handing out these "Proud Malloy Supporter" buttons that pretty much everyone was wearing. It was impressive.

Anonymous said...

I was there last night and I didn't hear any boos (it was a really big room so that doesn't mean much) but I don't think that really matter so much. So what if 20 people out of 1800 booed or hissed or stood on their heads? None of those would reflect the crowd.

The big news, is the word "tepid". The courant article nailed it. This crowd of insiders was not excited about Joe. They knew he was in trouble and could really use a big boost, and they didn't provide it.

They either clapped politely or sat on their hands. Neither reaction indicates activists ready to work on his behalf in August.

Anonymous said...

OK, now DeStefano is having trouble in Hamden??

Blue in CD2 said...

I was at the JJB event last night, and while boo's for Lieberman were present, I think most accounts have been overblown.

They were sparse, not extreamly loud, and werent sustained for very long.

That being said, it still must sting for a 15+ year Junior Senator to get boo'ed at his home states largest Party get-together.

I will also say that I too felt that the Malloy Campaign had the largest and most effective/visibile team. They seemed onmi-present in all area's - outside the convention center, inside, and even inside the actual ballroom.

Anon 12:48 - PLEASE show me the quote in which Dan Malloy says he is FOR THE REPEAL of the Estate Tax. That topic has been the talk of the Gubernatorial Primary for the past 2 weeks, and I just havent found the proof that DM is adamant about its repeal.

And DONT quote from that Paul Bass article in the NHI, you do know that a correction and redaction was issued for that article, DONT YOU?

ctkeith said...

A few things,

1)The offending post wasn't mine

2)Dump Joe,unlike last yr,had no presence at the JJB.

3)Dump Joe will have a rather large presence at the Convention because many of us are now Delegates.

4)Ct blogger should not be suprised GC was a no-show at the JJB.It's always easier to throw pebbles at the windows from outside then do the things neccasary to effect change and thats been GCs MO his entire political life.

disgruntled_republican said...

OK, it's this simple...

If you don't like Genghis or this blog, don't come here.

CT Keith -

That is uncalled for. If GC says he hasn't even heard back from the CT Dems about the convention what makes you think they would have let him into a fundraiser? THat is without making the standard donation which is what..100, 150 bucks these days. And maybe, just maybe, he had something else more pressing then the JJB dinner.

I am willing to guess he won't be going to the Prescott Bush Dinner either. Are we to be critical of him for that too? Get real.

I guess some don't understand CIVILITY...

bluecoat said...

G.C.: the jabs at you are totally uncalled for on any front - whether it is how people post or what you do with your time - opinions are like a--holes since most everyone has one.

Any chance we can talk about the budget just out of Appropriations discussed here in the stamford advocate or here in the CT Post?

bluecoat said...

Or maybe Bush's planned visit to Bridgeport as noted here in the NHR on-line edition?

A Different Anonymous (No! Really!) said...


You don't need me or anyone else to tell you that ctkeith and the Anonymous boldface Lieberwhiner who shows up in every thread regardless of topic - who I strongly suspect is DeanFan84 - are trolls. Their comments, whatever name they take, unfailingly give themselves away.

Your site is still the best thing going. Don't let 'em get to you.

disgruntled_republican said...

Or maybe about the Dem's convention woes as mentioned here .

ct_guy said...

Another note from last night... there were a couple of union members at my table last night who commented that the DeStefano give-aways (a mug filled with candy) did NOT have a union bug on them. The Malloy cards did.

What was he thinking?

Anonymous said...

I heard Edith Prague is endorsing David Cappiello for US Senate!

Anonymous said...

Why would Prague a Democrat endorse Cappiello a Republican?

Anonymous said...

I went to the website that is listed on the bottom of Destefano's mugs and I found out that the mugs aren't even made in the US and the company is not unionized. What was he thinking?

Anonymous said...

Lieberman is one of the few sane democrat voices inside the Beltway. However, because CT's democrats are such knee-jerks (emphasis on jerks), they're going to relegate Lieberman to the political dustbin? Insanity...

Anonymous said...

Do the 3 stooges in the Senate Democrats think they're funny?

Anonymous said...

Obama Votes Nay

Anonymous said...

I think the "tepid" response to Sen. Lieberman was because he is a known entity and everyone was anxiously waiting for Sen. Obama. Heck, you could've had Jill Carroll up there and people would've still been chatting. And when I say tepid, it is because everyone is chatting during the whole thing (well, maybe not during the prayers). In addition the program had a late start because the scheduled guest who was supposed to recite the Pledge of Allegiance was a no show and Lt. Gov. Sullivan had to punt. Add that all up and you've got some itchy folks.
Regarding press credentials for the convention, if the site has not been finalized, you certainly are not going to authorize credentials.
Regarding Sen. Lieberman's attendance at JJB's: the schedule on both ends doesn't always allow for the federal office holders to attend. Even if it is on a Monday night or Thursday night, votes often prevent them from attending. Not an excuse, but more of explanation.

ctblogger said...

Anonymous 9:48,

I can understand if you didn't hear the boos as it was a big place (although, I'm sure you must of heard something. I was in the back table nearest the kitchen and I could hear the boos clearly).

You did nail it when you commented abou the term tepid. AS you know, the claps for all the Demcorats before Joe were pretty loud. Everything went downhill when Dodd first mentioned Joe's name. It got worse when he tried to prop up Joe, the audience clearly weren't buying Dodd's sell.

If anything, Joe got a "polite" clap mixed with a round of boos so loud that Obama commented about it in his speech (which clearly wan't a part of his written speech).

Damn, GC and the rest of the bloggers MUST make it to the next JJB. It makes no sense that bloggers weren't there mingling with the politicans and the campaign staff.

GC, you really missed a good networking chance. I was alittle surprised at your absence but I'm sure I'll see you at the convention.

Anonymous said...

It does make sense if you heard the boos from the back of the room, near the kitchen. That is where Lamont's table was located.

And, as far as Obama's remarks. The thing that stood out in his speech were the numerous times he called for Lieberman to be reelected to the Senate.

Anonymous said...

No question, this blog is great. Thank you for your effort in getting this started. With regard to earlier posts, who are you? Your insight, research, and most importantly effort spark this daily discourse. Most importantly you are the first to opine at the beggining of each conversation. Your profile offers only limited information, and clearly you are left (at least a little)of center. We're all impressed (and greatful),but gives us the real deal.

Anonymous said...

Blue in CD2,

There has been no correction or redaction cited on the New Haven Independent site concerning Malloy's statements that he is open to the idea of phasing out the estate tax.

The Independent later said "has been waffling on the issue".

If the Malloy campaign wanted to say that it unconditionally supported the estate tax, they could have in a more recent CT News Junkie article. Instead, we got this:

Chris Cooney, Malloy’s campaign manager, said today that Malloy is not singling out the estate tax to fix the state’s tax system, instead he wants to “analyze the state’s entire tax structure.”

Malloy has elsewhere said he wanted to study whether it would force wealthy people to leave the state and whether it would create new jobs. Malloy said it is "proven" that lowering or wiping out estate taxes convinces wealthy people to choose to live in a state -- and start businesses. There is absolutely no evidence of this Republican fantasy. Even Rell's budget director admits he "recognizes that his staff needs to come up with some data to bolster the theory."

So you are technically correct - he is not insisting that it must be repealed - he is just leaving the door open to satiate his wealthy sponsors.

Here's why the estate tax is important.