Monday, March 20, 2006

Immigration Foe to Challenge Lieberman

Paul Streitz Will Declare Tuesday

Another nut has fallen from the Senate tree. No, not John Orman! That was last year.

Paul F. Streitz, a Darien businessman who unsuccessfully sought his party's nomination for Senate in 2004, will challenge Lieberman on a platform primarily opposed to immigration from Mexico.

"It is time to get the troops out of Iraq and put them on the Mexican border," Streitz said in a statement. "Thousands of Mexicans and other illegal aliens from other countries come into this country every day. This is an invasion, not immigration." (Breen)

Well... he and Lamont agree on something, at least: both want the troops out! I seriously doubt that either Lamont, Lieberman or other possible GOP candidates would want to redeploy them in El Paso.

It goes on:

Streitz, who calls Lieberman one of "the most traitorous U.S. senators" because of his support for policies like the North American Free Trade Agreement, will have a tough time beating the incumbent senator.

According to its most recent federal campaign filing, the Lieberman campaign has so far raised more than $5.9 million for Lieberman's re-election.

Streitz, who is trying to raise $20 contributions from 1 million Americans, has so far netted $80 in the effort, according to his Web site. (Breen)

Now, there's realistically no chance of Streitz winning the nomination. In all probability Alan Schlesinger or another amiable non-entity will be the GOP candidate. They're really not going to want much to do with Streitz, especially as Republican efforts to reach out to Latino voters continue.

CT Blogger, who has posted about the activities of Streitz's anti-immigration group before, has more at Hat City Blog.


Breen, Tom. Immigration critic wants to challenge Lieberman." Journal-Inquirer 20 March, 2006.

Update: I just realized I misspelled "Lieberman" in the title of this post. I'm starting to lose it.


ctblogger said...

GC, having this guy in the senate race is a dream come true.

Being a hat city resident, I have plenty of info on this nut and if the Republicans are smart, they'll run away from this guy (andhis hate-group) like the plague.

Anyone remember's his McDonald's (or as he called it, MexDonald's) survey. That's a great way to attract the latino vote AGAINST him.

Genghis Conn said...

I doubt the GOP will touch him, as my cat could get more votes. Alan Schlesinger's a better choice.

Anonymous said...

Streitz is enough to make a Republican yearn for the heady days of jack orchulli.

Anonymous said...

Genghis, after all the name calling, I don't blame you for mis-spelling Lieberman.

Today I heard someone refer to him as "Leperman". That's real funny, not!

Anonymous said...

ROY is another sucker for you to glom onto !!!!!!!!!!!

Gabe said...

GC - when is your cat planning to announce? And does he/she need staffers?

Genghis Conn said...

Max will be running on a pro-ham and pro-turkey platform. His positions really speak for themselves.

CGG said...

Well Max could count on my two cats for their vote. They too are pro-ham and turkey. Of course they'd want to know Max's position on wet food in the morning. They're 100% in favor. :)

Anonymous said...

rumor has it the mice in your nabe are illegal immigrants

Anonymous said...

only Joe Lieberman has a backbone more flexible than one of those mices so maybe the cats will win.