Sunday, March 12, 2006

General Assembly 2006: Races to Watch

Updated 5/23/2006

This is the list of races to keep an eye on this coming year. I've added two open seats, Senate 16 and House 86, to the list and updated the candidate listings.

Some of these candidates haven't declared yet, but have only formed exploratory committees in their respective districts. If they decide against running, their names will be deleted from this list.


Senate 07

  • Incumbent: Sen John Kissel (R)

  • Opponent: Bill Kiner (D) (website)
  • Towns: East Granby, Enfield, Granby, Somers, Suffield, Windsor (part), Windsor Locks

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 1.64%

  • Notes: Kissel won based on his personal popularity alone in 2004. His district went heavily for Kerry. Kissel was one of the few senators to vote against civil unions in 2005. Bill Kiner appears to be running against him again: break out the bright orange signs.

Senate 12

  • Incumbent: Sen. Edward Meyer(D)

  • Opponent: Gregg Hannon (R) (website)

  • Towns: Branford, Durham, Guilford, Killingworth, Madison, N. Branford

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 3.16%

  • Notes: This is typically a Republican area. Meyer defeated Bill Aniskovich in an upset in 2004.

Senate 14

  • Incumbent: Sen. Gayle Slossberg (D) (website)

  • Opponent: Barbara Lisman (R)

  • Towns: Milford, Orange, West Haven (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 3.82%

  • Notes: Slossberg defeated a GOP incumbent in 2004.

Senate 16

  • Incumbent: Sen. Chris Murphy (Not Running)

  • Candidate 1: Sam Caliguiri (R) (website) ; (blog)

  • Candidate 2: David Zoni (D)

  • Towns: Cheshire (part), Southington, Waterbury (part), Wolcott

  • Notes: A rare open seat in the Senate--this one is being vacated by Sen. Chris Murphy, who is running for Congress. Another candidate, Rep. John "Corky" Mazurek (D-Southington), dropped out due to lack of support. It's unknown whether he's running for re-election in the 80th district.

Senate 18

  • Incumbent: Sen. Cathy Cook (R) (Running for Comptroller)

  • Candidate 1: Lenny T. Winkler (R)

  • Candidate 2: Andy Maynard (D) (website)

  • Towns: Griswold, Groton, N. Stonington, Plainfield, Preston, Sterling, Stonington, Voluntown

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 8.95%

  • Notes: Cook may be facing a primary, here. The other rumor is that she's running as a sacrifical lamb for one of the other statewide posts, possibly comptroller.

Senate 22

  • Incumbent: Sen. Bill Finch (D)(website); (blog)

  • Opponent: Robert Russo (R)(website)

  • Towns: Bridgeport (part), Monroe, Trumbull (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 7.96%

  • Notes: Finch has one of the most active candidate blogs I've seen. Worth checking out. Russo's site doesn't seem to be up, yet.

Senate 31

  • Incumbent: Sen. Tom Colapietro (D)

  • Opponent: Beverly Bobroske (R): (website)
  • Towns: Bristol, Harwinton (part), Plainville, Plymouth

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 5.14%

  • Notes: Colapietro has said homosexuality is a "sickness." Bobroske's website is not yet active, apparently.

House of Representatives

House 02

  • Incumbent: Rep. Hank Bielawa (R)(Not Running)

  • Candidate 1: J. Philip Gallagher (R)

  • Towns: Bethel (part), Danbury (part) Redding (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 0.82% (87 votes)

  • Notes: Bielawa won in 2004 because he was cross-endorsed by an Independent party. Very strange stuff. Jason Bartlett, who lost to him in 2002 and 2004, isn't running against him this time.

House 19

  • Incumbent: Rep. Robert Farr (R) (Running for Attorney General)

  • Candidate 1: Beth Bye (D)

  • Towns: West Hartford

  • Notes: Farr's retirement makes this a possible pickup for Democrats.

House 30

  • Incumbent: Rep. Joe Aresimowicz (D)

  • Opponent: Edward Pocock (R) (website)

  • Towns: Berlin (part), Southington (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 7.44%

  • Notes: Berlin and Southington trend Dem, probably safe. Aresimowicz defeated a GOP incumbent in 2004.

House 34

  • Incumbent: Rep. Gail Hamm (D)

  • Opponent: Salvatore Nucifora (R)

  • Towns: East Hampton, Middletown (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 9.92%

  • Notes: Probably safe, although both towns are unstable for Democrats lately. Hamm irritated her constituents in East Hampton when she pushed for a law restricting development around lakes.

House 37

  • Incumbent: Rep. Ed Jutila (D)

  • Towns: East Lyme, Salem

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 8.69%

  • Notes: East Lyme is GOP, and Jutila is invisible.

House 38

  • Incumbent: Rep. Elizabeth Ritter (D)

  • Towns: Montville (part), Waterford

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 6.61%

  • Notes: Waterford is trending GOP

House 44

  • Incumbent: Rep. Michael A. Caron (R)

  • Towns: Killingly (part), Plainfield (part), Sterling

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 10.37%

  • Notes: Should at least be competitive. This part of the state is trending Democrat.

House 50

  • Incumbent: Rep. Mike Alberts (R)

  • Opponent: Sherri Vogt (D)

  • Towns: Brooklyn, Eastford, Hampton, Pomfret, Woodstock

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 0.44% (48 votes)

  • Notes: Most endangered Republican. Defeated Democrat Reece Painter in general election, but Painter defeated Alberts in special election to fill remaining two months of term vacated by Rep. Jefferson Davis (D-Pomfret), who resigned 8/04. Very strange.

House 65

  • Incumbent: Rep. Anne Ruwet (R)

  • Towns: Torrington (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 5.1%

  • Notes: Ruwet’s son is Mayor Ryan Bingham of Torrington.

House 86

  • Incumbent: Rep. Robert Ward (R) (not running)

  • Towns: East Haven (part), North Branford, Wallingford (part)

  • No Candidates Yet

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 13.95%

  • Notes: Longtime Minority Leader Ward's retirement makes this an open seat. North Branford, the major town in the district, elected a Democratic First Selectman in 2005.

House 100

  • Incumbent: Rep. Raymond Kalinowski (R)

  • Towns: Durham, Middlefield, Middletown (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 2.93%

  • Notes: Durham went Dem in 2005, and the margin is small. Kalinowski served on impeachment committee in 2004.

House 101

  • Incumbent: Rep. Deborah Heinrich (D) (website)

  • Opponent: Noreen Kokoruda (R)

  • Towns: Guilford (part), Madison

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 6.06%

  • Notes: Very Republican area. Heinrich defeated a longtime GOP incumbent in 2004.

House 104

  • Incumbent: Rep. Linda Gentile (D)

  • Opponent: Joseph Romano (R)

  • Towns: Ansonia (part), Derby (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 4.17%

  • Notes: This was an open seat in 2004, vacated by a long-serving Democrat.

House 117

  • Incumbent: Rep. Paul Davis (D)

  • Towns: Milford (part), Orange (part), West Haven (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 4.73%

  • Notes: Milford and Orange trend Republican. Davis is one of the people behind the bill to make assulting umpires a felony.

House 120

  • Incumbent: Rep. John Harkins (R)

  • Opponent: Dave Mooney (D) (website)
  • Towns: Stratford (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 5.81%

  • Notes: Stratford is trending Democratic following gains by Democrats in the municipal elections. Harkins has been in the news for controversial anti-illegal alien stances.

House 132

  • Incumbent: Rep. Thomas Drew (D) (website)

  • Opponent: Chris DeSanctis (R)

  • Towns: Fairfield (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 4.90%

  • Notes: Against natural gas terminal in Sound.

House 134

  • Incumbent: Rep. John "Jack" Stone (R)

  • Towns: Fairfield (part), Trumbull (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 7.88%

  • Notes: Lost the first selectman race in Fairfield to Ken Flatto. Stone was elected to a selectman's seat, but did not take it. Stone is seeking re-election to the House.

House 136

  • Incumbent: Rep. Joe Mioli (D) (website)

  • Towns: Westport (part)

  • 2004 Margin of Victory: 2.77%

  • Notes: Most endangered Democrat. Defeated a GOP incumbent in 2004.


Anonymous said...

Should House 80 be on the list if Corky is running for the senate?

Evidently Zoni is the Southington candidate for senate...and lots of Dems there reneged on earlier pledges to Corky, who is none too pleased it seems

Anonymous said...

The 2nd House district is indeed one to watch. Incumbent Bielawa will not be seeking a third term, making for a very competitive race.

The Democrats can win this seat, but with the currently poor state of the Bethel, Redding and Danbury DTC's and Rell's defacto hometown girl status the GOP will likely retain the seat.

MikeCT said...

Thanks for your number crunching. A couple updates:
* Joe Meoli has a site
* Dave Mooney is running for the 120th House District seat you list and also is an occasional blogger

Another interesting election will be for Bob Farr's state rep seat - whether or not he runs. He has won by the slimmest of margins when he has a strong opponent. Popular West Hartford board of ed member Beth Bye is expected to run as the Democratic candidate.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing rumors that Bill Ciotto may not run. Anyone heard the same?

Anonymous said...

I checked out Finch's blog, as you suggested..

If you want to see what the senate has for dinner, check it out.

Seriously, it appears that he is giving a play-by-play during the senate session. Presumeably using his state-issued laptop computer they all use at their desks.

Since his blog is paid for by is campaign committee, wouldn't (or shouldn't) this be improper?

I'm no Pollyanna, but just seems that his mind (and the other 35 senators) should be on the debate and issues, not updating their campaign blogs, raising money, or that kind of activity.

Anonymous said...

I hear Dick Beldon will be announcing on Wednesday that he will be retiring.

Is his seat hard GOP?

Hasn't been open in generations...

Aldon Hynes said...

I would be tempted to add 133 to the list. Cathy Tymniak hasn't faced a real race in ages and Kim Fawcett appears to be putting together a serious challenge.

I will also put in a plug for Dave Mooney. He's a blogger, he has pretty good grassroots ties, plus did some great work on Jim Miron's campaign.

Anonymous said...

Beth Bye is seeking the Democratic nomination to run in the 19th. As a Board of Education candidate, she was the top municipal vote getter last year, so the seat is definitely in play. None of the other strong challenges to Bob Farr over the years had anything like her name recognition when they ran. The real question is what Bob is up to. Senate run against Harris? Another run at getting appointed a judge? Or maybe hoping for Rell to pick him for Lt gov.

No matter what, the 19th should be on the watch list.

Anonymous said...

The word on the street is Ciotto isn't running again but won't announce anything because he hates Jim O'Rourke who is angling for the seat. Ciotto want Paul Doyle to be his successor. Tony Guerrera is also in the mix as is Paul McBride. Problem for Doyle is he represents a small part of the Senate district and comes from Wethersfield, the town with the least amount of delegates at the convention. Guerrera is the 700 pound guerilla with Rocky Hill and Newington wired.

Anonymous said...

There isn't any possible way that the 133rd could go to a Democrat. Its one of the most Republican districts in the entire state and Cathy Tymniak knows everyone in town. Kim Fawcett is a newcomer to town with no base of support and no issue to run on. Not to mention democrats in town think she's a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

didn't Guerrera almost get beat a couple of years back for state rep?

I hear Joe Crisco might bail, too?

observer said...

Ciotto wants to retire. Doyle beats all comers in a primary -- no shot at all for O'Rourke, a has-been. I don't think Guerrera is a guerilla. Did you mean gorilla?

Beth Bye is definitely one to watch. Farr is always at risk in a district that includes those wacky West Hartford peaceniks. It's early for a state rep candidate to be as organized as she is.

Crisco isn't going anywhere as long as he has the power he does at the capitol.

Caligiuri has a good shot if the democrats can't pick a candidate. That's a republican seat.

Belden might indeed retire, but they could run a house cat as a republican there and still keep the seat. No way does it go democrat.

Anonymous said...

colapietro works for a union so there is no way he can get primary from the liberals so he can say whatever he wants about gays

Anonymous said...

I would add Senate 5 to the list, pending a bid by Bob Farr. If not, Senator Harris holds the seat.

In '04 both parties gave in excess of $50K to their respective candidates. Clearly, both parties view this as a seat worth fighting for.

Farr won handily in '04 against Joe Messina (57-43%) and could translate that kind of success to a Senate bid, especially with GOP backing.

Farr is pretty moderate - pro-choice, pro-environment - could fare well in the 5th if he runs.

Anonymous said...

Senate 5

"In '04 both parties gave in excess of $50K to their respective candidates"

This brilliant stategy explains Senator Meyer and Senator Slossberg. W Htfd is a liberal town, which is why Farr's seat was stretched into Avon and Farmington. Kevin Connors was just not going to win that seat and an incumbent Dem is not going to lose it

MikeCT said...

I would add Senate 5 to the list, pending a bid by Bob Farr. If not, Senator Harris holds the seat.

Farr can barely hold onto his own seat, never mind take on an incumbent.

In '04 both parties gave in excess of $50K to their respective candidates. Clearly, both parties view this as a seat worth fighting for.

And Harris won by a margin of 16%. The Rs can fight all they want and they will lose.

Dave Mooney said...

Aldon and MikeCT: Thanks for the plugs! Vote Mooney!

Anonymous said...

I'd add House 26 to the list. Peter Terzyak is without a doubt the most liberal member of the House, but he represents a very conservative district. Bernacki (the Dem that Terzyak beat twice) is now back in the mix, but now he's a Republican. With Rell polling 80% and the GOP mayor likely to be somewhere on the ticket, Terzyak could be in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Ciotto retiring? Don't be to sure but If he did, Tom McBride from Newington gets an easy win. It’s the largest part of the district and he is well liked. District wide, Doyle has zero name I.D., nobody likes O’Rourke and did somebody say Guerrera was a Guerilla? Is that you posting here Tony? Tony Guerilla likes to accept lots of bananas in the form of municipal contracts for his construction company. HUGE issue in a Senate campaign. McBride would be the favorite and would have the support of Ciotto a long time close friend.

Anonymous said...

Well.. considering Ciotto is bringing Paul Doyle around to DTC's promoting him as his sucessor.. i'm not so sure about that.

Anonymous said...

The days of close elcetions for "Landslide" Bob Farr are over. Redistricting gave him a piece of Avon and the Devonwood section of Farmington. He won by 14% last time. The only shot Beth Bye has is if it's an open seat, which is highly unlikely. Farr is not going to run against Senator for Life Harris, as the WH RTC is in complete disarray and will be of no help to anyone.

Corky may face end up opting not to run against Caliguiri, much depending on the next filing. Sam is supposedly raising lots of money, and a safe seat in the House beats going home a nobody, doesn't it Corky?

Hopefully, Doyle gets the nod to replace Ciotto. He's pretty moderate for a D, but lacks any semblance of a personality or charisma. Will struggle to win a close election outside of Wethersfield. It isn't just Billy who dislikes O'Rourke - EVERYONE dislikes him. Tony G. is a nice guy, and contrary to whoever posted earlier, he hasn't had a really close race yet. He beat Littman twice. As for his government contracts, at least he's a working man. McBride is headed to court for a DUI dating back to December. With that pending, no chance at all he can carry the nomination at a convention.

Getting rid of Tercyak would be great, but never underestimate the power of the unions to fix, I mean work, elections. And Finch is just a comlete ass. Go get your ass kicked by another college kid, idiot.

Anonymous said...

Senate-9 Don’t put too much emphasis on who wins the convention. In a primary, McBride wins. Yes, I heard about his DUI but can you honestly tell me somebody who has never made a mistake? I don’t think the voters will hold it against Tommy for being human. Like all of us, I’m sure he has learned from his mistake. As for the poster that claimed Ciotto is bringing Doyle around promoting him as his successor, that simply is not true!

Anonymous said...

Any idea on the R's side for 9th senate?

Anonymous said...

You obviously are a McBride supporter or you don't live in or know anything about the district.. because Billy is supporting Doyle and everyone knows it.

Anonymous said...

Is Bill Aniskovich intending to run in the 12th?

bluecoat said...

It will be good to get Buddy off the transportation committee because he has been part of the problem not part of the solution.

Speaking of the problem, it's looking like Fabrizi and Flatto are both getting their cranks caught in the door on this train station and commercial development boondoggle in Fairfield that was aopposed by Flatto's friends at the grassroots save the town group, Fairfielders Plan, from the getgo but Flatto asuaged them all with a new task force on preservation.
In today's CT Post front page Fabrizi takes a shot at Fairfield's project by having his economic development minnion, Hadley, ask for the project to be slowed down at the State Traffic Cmmission where it is being reviewed as a major traffic generator. Go figure.

rambo said...

did you all know that more than one federal felon is palying the land speculation deal here?

Anonymous said...

If Tercyak is out, then so is O'Brien in the 24th, Geragosian in the 25th and probably Don DeFronzo in Senate 6. All are ultra-liberal union hacks, and if the tide in New Britain is turning against them, they could be out. I'm not sure if the NB GOP has anyone to run, though. They are not known for having a deep bench.

Anonymous said...

The NB GOP is Stewart - period. Unfortunately, the best chance to oust the libs is from within. More moderate dems...there must be some out there.

Anonymous said...

9 senate-To answer a previous poster, yes I do live in the district and I know for sure that Ciotto is NOT supporting Doyle no matter how many times you want to say it. Billy will support who ever wins in the primary and I say McBride wins a primary hands down.

rambo said...

Congressman Christopher Shays, who lives just a stone's throw from the proposed Fairfield economic development project that bluecoat refers to, says on the issue of eminent domain For this reason, I am a cosponsor of H.R. 3135, the Private Property Rights Protection Act, which was introduced by House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner and Ranking Member John Conyers. The legislation would prevent the federal government from using eminent domain solely for economic development, and it would prevent federal funds from being used in projects where state or local authorities use eminent domain solely for economic development OK Congressman, is your out here the word solely since the federal and state grants only partially fund economic development and the rest goes to transportation infrastructure to support it? Tell me please that you don't just support this project because your properyt values in Black Rock are going up because of the hype by a developer who once did time in a federal lockup after he got caught up in a bank loan scandal.

Anonymous said...

The liberals overwhelmingly control the Democratic Party in NB. Defronzo + company will never lose a party primary. They will only lose if a conservative Dem bolts to the GOP... which has happened before in NB.

mister phelps said...

This Fairfield situation is a missed opportunity for Diane Farrell who should be slamming Shays on screwing his own city and supporting the innapropriate use of eminent domain to make a bunch of developers rich while further clogging the region's highways but State Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo wants the project because of all the campaign money that's been flowing from the speculators to the CT Donkeys.

Anonymous said...

I just hope that meathead Capenera doesn't run again. Whatta bafoon.

On the other hand, I think he could win in a non-presidential year.

rambone said...

Before you talk about ousting DeFronzo and his gaggle of go-nowhere granola-eaters, maybe we should hear who the NB GOP is going to run against them? I mean, DeFronzo ran unopposed last time, as did (ostensibly) Tercyak and Geragosian. O'Brien had a weak challenge from a good candidate--so we'll have to see what happens there. But I wouldn't hold your breath for moderation within the NB Dems. By the way...could someone please buy Don a bottle of Metamucil? That guy is backed up.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who will run against the DeFronzo gang, but from everything I know, the previous poster who said Tim Stewart IS the NB GOP is on target. Does anybody know any other Republican in New Britain (other than the esteemed Congresswoman from the 5th)? I didn't think so.

Good point about DeFronzo needing to loosen up!

mister phelps said...

Here is another story from the local Fairfield Citizen-News on the proposed train station just to be balanced even if the Fairfield officials and the slick talking developer are embellishing the truth.

zigar said...

I'd really like to think that Mister Phelps really is Mister Derrick Phelps of the CT Siting Council arguing his PoV. Nothing like state employees living off the fat of a bygone era who still believe they are political genius's in their own mind.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Siting Council itself will soon go the way of Mr. Phelps poltical influence.

Anonymous said...

The 9th is going to go to whoever Ciotto wants it to go to. McBride's DUI is a career ender, not to mention that even before the arrest Newington D's were not exactly in love with the guy. Should still be an interesting race.

Anonymous said...

Of course and it's Paul Doyle just like everyone knows it is.. it's one of the worst kept secrets at the state Capitol.. anonymous 12:47 doesn't know his ass from his elbow.. if your so sure.. you should go ask Billy and he'll tell you.

Anonymous said...

How about Steve Bafundo for the 9th?

Anonymous said...

I see the Doyle fan club has found this blog. Doyle would be lucky to beat O'Rourke never mind a guy like McBride who comes from the largest part of the distance. If you really think Billy Ciotto supports Doyle you must be crazy. The McBride family goes way back with Billy and have been big supporters of his. One thing you should know about Ciotto is his loyalty. Paul Doyle is not a serious challenger and has done nothing as a Rep and from what I am seeing he will run a dirty campaign. The kid still doesn't know what end of bottle to drink from and he wants to be Senator?

9th observer said...

Anonymous 9:48 - How can this be a Doyle fanclub if you keep kissing mcbride's a**? Get with the program!

Anonymous said...

Kevin Ryan is endorsing McBride I hear

mister phelps said...

barney, that was a good feed yesterday on Channel 12 and WTNH. Here is the WTNH feed showing the greedy realtors gentrifying (i.e. modern day blockbusting)the area. It won't be long before the CBIA is crying for more reasonable priced hoousing for the area after it is all ripped down to build Mcmansions and gawdy co-ops.

barney said...

what's the chance of this development being a casino someday? and what's the difference between this and a casino anyway? didn't these suburbanites with Farrell and Blumenthal in tow get all crazy about a casino and traffic? a convention center is a lot like a casino? No?

Cinnamon Carter said...

Trump is now putting some money in to another tower in Stamford, which will help to further crowd the highways but I don't see him trying to do another casino deal. Who's going to work in all these office buildings?

the amazing paris said...

Another tall building and more cars on the highways and more demand for the already stressed trains there cinnamon? Who will pay for that?

willy said...

Speaker of the House,Jim Ammann, has a plan to tax and spend $6 billion on a beheamoth transportation package to cover the higher skyline he envisions for the Gold Coast. He has no end game but he doesn't think he needs one.

terry targo said...

IN CT, money talks and the political dummies squawk. this should be easy.

doc said...

Franks said...Rell has apparently quietly abandoned her concerns and the moratorium she called for on all takings for economic development after the Kelo decision. back on the March 4 post but nobody has picked up on it but bluecoat there on down the line a little as franks continued to press his case.

We're not talking about a whole lot of savvy here are we? I don't think it's going to be as easy as terry thinks.

jim phelps said...

There is an attempt to get more money for brownfield cleanup from the feds - a good thing - but the state has to do something about every tom, dick and harry trying to build a commercial building to the sky with some kind of corporate welfare because it is killing the economy of the state and crowding the already congested highways evermore. It makes no sense.

We've got a road ahead of us folks.

Anonymous said...

yes up I-91 to the luddite paradise of Vermont, where economic growth based on all your antibusiness, antidevelopment ideas is truly a "mission impossible"

I would rather not be like them, who soon will have all retired folks and no money in the state budget for anything besides Medicaid

doc said...

Aren't you bright at finally catching on. You are actually anti-business because your big big buliding everywhere is clogging the highways and so nobody wants to come to CT but the service sector.

Or maybe like Abromitis at DECD you are afraid of losing your cushy uselss job.

Anonymous said...

at least I work unlike the Fairfield County trust fund MIMBY's

Anonymous said...

Add House 77 to the watch list, Roger Michele is under pressure from within his own party after his "alliance" with the NAACP to reveal dirty cops in Bristol. The Police Union also is on his back. No credible GOP challenger, but he might face a primary if an opponent can get it together in time.

doc said...

Your work is what many call welfare make work since all you do is give away money based on politics and not economics while collecting a state check for yourself. And the truth on Art Diedrich's little boondoggle in Fairfield is slowly but surely coming out as you can see from yesterday's Fairfield Citizen article

cinnamon carter said...

According to the Fairfield article, the people who will get screwed with traffic live in the Brewster Street Canfield section near BJ's and the movies. Are all those people Fairfield County trust funders?? Sign me up.

Anonymous said...

Paul Doyle will have a really tough time getting support. He tried to screw labor unions by putting up an amendment on the campaign finance bill requiring union members to document any and all work they do for candidates.

Anonymous said...

Doyle is a shill for CRRA. Remember the Rowland Patriots failed deal? Doyle, working for CRRA, brought the stadium bill out on the floor of the house. He neglected to mention that the stadium would remove the gas plant in Hartford, and CRRA would get the business for their trash to energy plant. The guy is scummy.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? The guy must be corrupt. Let's nominate him for douchebag of the universe.

Anonymous said...

The fact is Joe Lieberman is a better democrat that Paul Doyle.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that's pretty harsh.

Anonymous said...

Truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

Vote Paul Doyle, Douchebag of the Universe '06

9th observer said...

Is it just me or are there a bunch of people that are scared sh**tless of paul doyle running for senate? Oh wait, sorry, I thought there was more than one person, but it's the same anon having a conversation with himself. Thank God the average 9th senate voter is too bright to fall for that nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I'm scared - scared Paul Doyle won't run. It will be fun to watch O'Rourke mop up the floor with him in a primary. Doyle has been cross-endorsed by the Wethersfield Republicans for state rep on numerous occasions, and he proudly accepted the endorsement. That will work in a primary arena dominated by liberals. What's that dripping I hear? Oh, it's just Paul's tears now that he's realized that his record is the political equivalent of bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Anonymous said...

If by a long shot Crisco does retire, expect a lot of movement in the 17th. Klarides and Labriola could both go for the seat, but don't rule out Len Greene, who has had much success carrying Beacon Falls, a hard-core Dem stronghold. Any of these candidates could bring the 17th to the GOP, but at the probable expense of losing their current House seats to the Dems.

Anonymous said...

Vote 9th Observer for Vice Douchebag of the Universe.

9th observer said...

Seek help anon 12:45.

Smart D's in the 9th are sincerely hoping that you're the brains behind whatever operation runs against Doyle. Please tell us we're that fortunate. Please?

Anonymous said...

Paul Doyle submitted an amendment to force only citizens who happen to be union members to report any of their campaign volunteer activity to state authorities. He filed this amendment on the campaign finance reform bill that passed in December. Similar to Doyle's chances in a primary, the amendment dropped like a rock. Doyle is supposed to be a lawyer and filed something this blatantly unconstitutional? This guy will go over in a Democratic primary like Jesse Jackson at a Klan rally.

Anonymous said...

Challenging Tom Drew for the 132nd will be Chris DeSanctis. His weblink is here

Anonymous said...

the 17th Senate District has very few democrats in power right now, and none of them are very attractive senate canidates, except maybe Delle Voppe..i think that whole area is gogin to be Republican for awhile