Thursday, June 30, 2005

Open Forum -- Malloy Update

The Malloy Q&A has been rescheduled from 11am to 3:30pm tomorrow. Sorry about the short notice! The questions I've seen from you so far have been good ones.

What else is new?


Aldon Hynes said...

Bats and websites.

Over on the DeStefano Blog, we have a bat up to encourage online donations.

also has a bat up for his fundraising.

Also, it looks like changes are underway at the
John Orman website. They now have Drupal up, but not fully configured. Drupal is the same underlying software used by DeStefano as well as for 2nd CD watch and 5th CD Watch.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you heard Rell's radio ads paid for by the State Republican Party? Check out our blog post about it:

Also check out the article about Mayor DeStefano's campaigning in Malloy territory, which appeared on the front page of the Stamford Advocate yesterday: This relates to your online interview because it actually discusses both DeStefano and Malloy running for Governor.

This is Shonu. Can't figure out my log-in.

FrankS said...

Here's an interesting article about the resignation of lifeguards at Sherwood Island State Park, it interesting because one of the former young lifeguards had the character to respond to Gov. Rell's public comments in a posting.

I doubt the media would follow-up with him.

MikeCT said...

The ConnecticutBlog (which could be a lot more interesting if it allowed for comments!) reports on speculation about an impending announcement of candidacy by Diane Farrell. Everyone I've spoken to, including someone who should know, expects her to run. Her last campaign site is still up.

Unfortunately, the Shays Watch site is slow these days.

Ebpie said...

How long until we(the general public) know how much money each candidate has raised this past quarter?

Aldon Hynes said...

Ebpie, I believe the filing date is July 7th. This gives the campaigns time to check the donations to make sure they are valid and enter them into the system.

I know that when I left DeStefano headquarters at around midnight last night, they were still entering checks and I suspect they will be pretty busy with that for the next few days.

I imagine that all of the campaigns are pretty busy right now double checking and entering information for the filing.

(p.s. to everyone who donated: Thanks)

Indian2Nighthawk said...

Mayor Malloy,

Each of the declared candidates for governor brought innate gifts (that had nothing to do with policy) to the table when they began their campaigns for governor. Susan brought the gift of statewide name recognition (even without statewide understanding of what she does), DeStefano brought the gift of voter geography (New Haven is situated on 95 & 91 where a high percentage of Democratic voters live) and you brought your gift of monetary geography.

Despite this, even before you had to take a break from fundraising, you jumping out ahead of the others in fundraising. Then there was the unwarranted and unfortunate investigation that put your fundraising on hold.

You are also in a corner of the state that does not give you an opportunity to get much “free press” for your accomplishments. In short, of the three declared candidates for governor, you are the most in need of a wildly successful fundraising quarter.

I know you probably don’t have solid numbers yet; but I can’t imagine that you have more than a $20,000 swing between what you are aware of and what you actually have.

So how did you do?

Anonymous said...

yo, where is the forum? it's 3:40 by my com clock!