Thursday, June 16, 2005

CT House of Reps. Map Updated

The state House of Representatives map is now accurate and entirely redone. The new map has far clearer high-resolution and now includes district numbers (no town names--that becomes clunky). Again, the link to the high-res map is down at the very bottom, and is titled "Original BMP." Click on this to get the high-res (3.6MB) original map, in which you can actually read the district numbers.

For a map of all districts (warning, large file) including town names check this map created by the state after redistricting in 2001. For a list of legislators by district (also created by the state), go here. You can click on the district number for a map of the town with district boundaries. Very cool!

In other news, TalkCT, Dan Malloy's blog, is up and running. It also has comments enabled. This could be a trend--and if so, it's a good one.


MikeCT said...


Thanks for taking the time to provide such a valuable service with these maps. Where did you find the data on town council control? It would be interesting to find ways to map voter registration numbers, eg, red/blue gradations expressing the ratio of registered Democrats and Republicans.

Is there any modestly price consumer mapping software (for PC or preferably Mac) that can produce anything remotely like these?

Genghis Conn said...


The data for town/city council control comes from the Secretary of the State's towns, cities and boroughs site, or from individual municipal sites.

It shouldn't be hard to map voter registration numbers. Might be an interesting project for the future.

I don't actually use mapping software (I use Microsoft Paint, mostly--takes time but I get what I want) so I don't know much about what's out there.