Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Budget Updates

Check out the loaded poll question posted by the Hartford Courant about the budget.

The House passed the budget last night, so it goes on to the Senate. Here's the roll call if you're interested. It should be done soon. The only people who aren't happy? Every Republican in the capitol who isn't the governor. They, however, are becoming more and more irrelevant. More on that later.

The House and Senate Democrats aren't too far apart on campaign finance reform, though some harsh words were exchanged. I expect that something will be done before the session ends.


MikeCT said...

Looks like Senator Williams is getting in the way of campaign finance reform. "Sen. Williams has done everything to stall it, to be an obstacle," says Rep. Chris Caruso.

Time to call your legislators today, particularly senators:

For Senate Democrats call: 800-842-1420 or 860-240-8600
For House Democrats call: 800-842-8267 or 860-240-8585

For Senate Republicans call: 800-842-1421 or 860-240-8800
For House Republicans call: 800-842-1423 or 860-240-8700

For more info, see Clean Up CT.

MikeCT said...

I should revise my earlier comments, which were based on press accounts. In speaking to an advocate for campaign finance reform, they believe that the Senate bill is better than the House bill. They think the House bill was laden with requirements that would ultimately be ruled unconstitutional (eg, banning all contributions by PACs), and that that was the goal of Republicans - to approve a feel-good bill that could not pass constitutional muster.

I do not know the details or the constitutional arguments, but felt I should set the record a little straighter - it's not all about Williams or obstructionist senators.