Monday, January 15, 2007

Krayeske Open Forum

We're a few days behind on developments on the Krayeske affair. Forgive me in advance for a link heavy post.

This video shows Rep. Mike Lawlor and Ken Krayeske's attorney Norm Pattis speaking about the case. Hat Tip to Scarce and TrueblueCT for this one.

Also, in case you missed it, last week Lawlor live blogged over at MLN about Krayeske and other issues.

According to the Courant there will be a hearing. It's being held by the Public Safety Committee and will also include testimony about the recent Internal Affairs report about trooper misconduct.

Feel free to include any links that I may have missed in the comments section.


CT Bob said...

My video interview with Ken last weekend; nothing earth shattering, but it's fun and shows Ken to be an intelligent and serious journalist, not the dangerous wacko that people expect from people who get arrested at political events.

ctkeith said...

The most interesting development happened Sunday on Shelly Sindlands Show (Beyond the Headlines). Rep. Mike Lawlor said he has now been told that there were TWO LISTS. One was for those who might be a Threat to Rell and the other for those who might want to Interupt or embarass the Gov. by their actions.

I think the coming investigation is going to show the complete disregard for the civil rights of the citizens of CT and a total misunderstanding of "intelligence collection" by every Law enforcement agency involved.

MikeCT said...

More about the hearing and other state police misconduct.

Judy Aron said...

hey ctkeith, et al.
"the coming investigation is going to show the complete disregard for the civil rights of the citizens of CT and a total misunderstanding of "intelligence collection" by every Law enforcement agency involved."

and this is a NEW revelation to you all???

I have been screaming and complaining about the misuse of power, and coercion, and unethical behavior going on in our government in CT for the past 8 years - we've gone to the press, the agency heads themselves, and all you people say is that I am some wacko homeschooler who is anti-government.

Wake Up already! How bad does it have to get for you all to see what is happening in our local governments, our state governments, and our federal government! It isn't just Clinton or Bush! It isn't just Rowland or Rell. It's everywhere. I am not anti-government, I am pro-freedom and pro-what-the-Founders-stood-for.
Read the damn Bill of Rights!

Partisanship doesn't matter here folks. From the judiciary to the legislative branches and beyond. Government has gotten too big and too intrusive! There is too much money involved in government, and corruption and unethical behavior is rampant. The CT's Ethics Commission is a joke.

Our freedoms are being eroded, on every level, as we speak and our tax money is being misused and abused.

The homeschool community has had to put up with this kind of crap for years now. Ongoing harassment by administrators, coercion, threats of DCF removal of kids from our homes.
Krayeske's experience pales in comparison, and is a symptom of a much bigger problem that no one wants to address.

It boils down to Abuse Of Authority, pure and simple, and I don't care what party you align yourself with. It has got to be stopped. I'll hope you are starting to see the picture.

Yeah - I am a homeschooling wacko wingnut all right.. just remember that after they come for me and mine they will come for you too!

Have your little "raise money for Krayeske' legal fees" party - but just remember there will be more after him, as there have been others before him, unless we stop this kind of abuse all together.

Anonymous said...

Laurie Perez did the referenced Beyond the Headlines this week. She's much better than Sindland.

Fuzzy Turtle said...

Have your little "raise money for Krayeske' legal fees" party

so I'm guessing you won't be for Clinton Vs Bush.. I'll take Bill any day of the week.

but I'm a product of traditional schooling, so call me uninformed.

Judy Aron said...

Fuzzy - You obviously still don't get it..
Thanks for the prejudicial jab... and I am a product of traditional schooling as well (albeit..the olden days)- one doesn't have to be a schooled a certain way to understand what is happening here.
Stop being Republican, Stop Being Democrat.. Start being American.
Don't fall into the polarization trap - the finger pointing - the blame game.
This solves nothing.
Our freedoms are at stake here.
How is it we have to worry if our names are on a list?
What more restrictive laws will come out of this Krayeske case thanks to legislators that want to "protect" our rights?
I want government to stop trying to "protect me" and simply uphold our Bill of Rights and adhere to some kind of ethical behavior and cease abusing their authority.

Fuzzy Turtle said...

Dont go around telling me I don't get it, I grew up protesting for freedom of speech. My earliest memories are playing with childhood friends and covering my face when photographers came around becase my parents told me to.

I don't see how supporting a fellow citizen in need 'solves nothing'. Quite the opposite.. it's a step in the right direction, to hold this administration accountable and keep our freedoms.

No it doesn't solve everything, but it's a step in the right direction.. and it's a step people should be taking.

But I guess you'll be staying behind, in your home, schooling your children and sheilding them from the realities of the outside world.