Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Forum Stuff

Our new forum is off to a great start. In addition to the four of us, twelve people have registered and 39 threads have been started.

So far our most active forums are those devoted to state and national politics. We also have a forum dedicated to suggestions for the site, and are very eager to hear you sound off about what we're doing right, what we can improve, and what else you'd like to see from CTLP. For those of you who just want to chat, check out our OT Forum for any and all nonpolitical discussions.

The forum is part of our much anticipated move to our new home on January 17.

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Anonymous said...


Dear Mr. William Pape, Publisher of The Waterbury Republican,

Your love sick devotion to former Governor John Rowland, like Rabbi Korff’s to Richard Nixon, was as predictable as it was twisted. Mayor Jarjura’s appointment of Rowland as Waterbury’s Economic Czar makes about as much sense as a Pharmacy hiring a convicted heroin addict.

Just read the following from the website Rowland, Inc.:

The crimes of federal prisoner #15623-014 John Rowland are numerous and of colossal scale. Connecticut taxpayers will be footing the bill for Rowland's scams for decades into the future. In a state and city with an extensive culture of political corruption, Rowland's decade in power ascended to a new level of fraud.

The biggest frauds he perpetrated against the state's treasury were each in excess of $200 million:

• the disappearance of $220 million in an illegal loan in the CCRA/Enron scheme*
• the $317 million of no-bid contracts awarded to Tomasso family entities
• the over $200 million in state subsidies and investments showered on Pfizer/NLDC in New London and New Haven
• the over $500 million Rowland's State Treasurer, Paul Silvester, steered to favored investment firms before Silvester was also caught and sent to prison.

Then there is the minor matter of an unpaid $2,199.66 bill (for stone for his vacation cottage) from O&G Industries which was not paid by the governor until four years later as his ethical problems began to catch up to him. Four years during which O&G received more than $276 million from the state. Common Cause has revealed that individuals associated with this firm contributed $136,975 to various political campaigns, primarily those in which Rowland was a candidate.

Do the math. If you add the five figures above, it is clear John G. Rowland, former Connecticut Congressman and Governor, was a master criminal who purloined over $1,500,000,000 on behalf of his powerful patrons.

At sentencing [wherein he admitted on the record to committing several felonies] Rowland claimed he possessed but $10,000 in a checking account as his entire assets, after a decade as the criminal mastermind behind the greatest robbery in history. $10,000 amounts to less than one thousandth of one percent of the massive haul from all of his crimes.

Contrast this to Connecticut State Senator Ernest Newton, convicted in early 2006 of taking $5,000 in bribes and engaging in a pattern of shaking down constituents and selling his office. Newton got five years in prison, comparable to sentences handed out to other public officials who violate the public trust. When the feds were forced to lock up Governor John G. Rowland because of his increasingly obvious corruption, he served but 10 months in prison. Upon release in February of 2006, Rowland announced that he had gained religion and would henceforth proceed with his life based on "blind faith." Not likely. Meet the new Rowland, same as the old Rowland, we won't be fooled again.

But what’s your excuse Mr. Pape? You’re so ideologically blind that you really think there is no one else out there who can do a better job for Waterbury as John Rowland. And you openly challenge anyone to prove you wrong. Be serious! Any former Democrat or Republican Congressman like Jim Maloney or Nancy Johnson or just about anyone they recommended would be a better choice than John Rowland. In fact, my choice would be for local businessman Gerard Somma of Somma Tool Company given the brilliant display of honor and integrity he showed by publicly resigning from the Waterbury Chamber of Commerce because they chose Rowland. Now you do better!