Wednesday, January 03, 2007

CFL Party Officially in Business

Fairfield University Professor John Orman's takeover of the Connecticut for Lieberman Party became official today. The Secretary of the State's office has recognized Orman's takeover, and will keep a copy of the CFL rules on file. Members are required to be either critics of the Senator, or have the last name Lieberman.

According to the Courant Orman was surprised by his success at overtaking the party. Currently he is the only registered member, but hopes that will soon change.

Orman, who had considered running before Lamont entered the race, unsuccessfully petitioned Bysiewicz to prevent the creation of a party for one man. He said he was surprised his takeover bid succeeded.

"I thought Susan (Bysiewicz) would write a letter saying 'You cannot have a party of one person. It's ridiculous. You're mocking the system and Connecticut for Lieberman does not exist because Senator Lieberman doesn't want it to exist,' " Orman said.

Since Lieberman remained a member of the Democratic Party, Orman is the Connecticut for Lieberman Party's sole member. But, he hopes to change that soon.

Orman plans to hold a meeting later this month to bolster the party's ranks.

"I'll send an e-mail to critics, bloggers, opponents (of the senator's) and maybe anyone named Lieberman," Orman said.

I'm surprised that Orman was able to get recognition so quickly, but then I was also surprised that Lieberman was able to create a new party right after losing the primary.

Lockhart, Brian. "Party Crasher: Professor's Takeover Of Lieberman Group Succeeds". Hartford Courant. 1/03/06


Anonymous said...

I hope Smokin' Joe starts a Lieberman for Connecticut Party. What we DON'T need is an out-of-touch, Ivory Tower type telling us what to do.

Wolcottboy said...


I wonder what the by-laws say about changing the name of the party if such members wished to do so.

And if it (we? Hmm....) did, what would the new name be?

Anonymous said...

Orman's got a mean hookshot...and he can shoot the long ball when he needs to.