Saturday, December 16, 2006

Rell Appoints Panel to Probe State Police

From the CT Post:

Eight people have been appointed to a special commission to oversee reforms in the Connecticut State Police's problem-plagued internal affairs unit, Gov. M. Jodi Rell announced Friday.

Rell named outgoing state Rep. Robert Farr, R-West Hart­ford, to chair the commission, which was formed after a 13­ month investigation by Con­necticut and New York officials found a slew of lapses in the in­ternal affairs unit. The report found incom­plete, inadequate investiga­tions of complaints accusing state police personnel of bribery, drug use, drunken dri­ving, association with drug dealers and prostitutes, sexual assault, falsified overtime, as­sault of a motorist and improp­er drunken-driving arrests.

The new commission will evaluate dozens of recommen­dations in the 207-page report. Public Safety Commissioner Leonard Boyle will act as an ex­officio member of the new com­mission.

Other members include state Rep. Stephen Dargan, D­West Haven, co- chairman of the General Assembly s pub­lic safety committee; Superi­or Court Judge Maureen Keegan; Glastonbury Town Council Chairwoman Susan Karp, who will serve as a member of the public; State s Attorney Walter Flanagan; Milford Police Chief Thomas Flaherty; and former U. S. Marshal John O Connor.

Do you think this will do any good?

Associated Press. "Rell panel to probe State Police". Connecticut Post. 12/16/06


bluecoat said...

Why do wee need a Commssion????

Anonymous said...

Each Member will be supplied with 5 gallons of whitewash and 2 "get out of a DWI free" ticket that the state police will honor and first pick at Rells first Army Surplus sale this spring .

Anonymous said...

Chairman Farr should provide whatever polical cover is necessary for Rell, Boyle and Governor Moody once any investigation the legislature might iniate when they're back in session.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget DAS commissioner Linda Yelmini will be moving over to head up internal affairs for DPS in January. And as we saw with the Moodygate hooplah, she is not one for BS.

tessa said...

"Milford Police Chief Thomas Flaherty" is the former Chief of Police, as in Former Police Chief Bilks City For $181,000.00 from

Retiring Milford, Connecticut Police Chief Thomas Flaherty resigned from the Milford, CT Police Department taking with him $181,096.00 in unused sick pay.
Flahery will also receive $65,000 a year in pension benefits. He resigned to accept yet another well paying tax payer provided position with the State Police Training Academy in Meridan[sic], CT.

from the Courant

On Gov. M. Jodi Rell's newly appointed commission to oversee the reform of the state police internal affairs unit, there is a state representative, a judge, a prosecutor, a local police chief, and even a town council member.

But there is not one state trooper on it, an omission that has angered some members of the department's union, who said they asked for the outside inquiry in the first place.

The Stark Raving Viking said...

Reduce rape, murder, robbery, assualt, and the contributing to the deliquency of minors, abolish the Connecticut State Police

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Linda Yelmini the Lawyer who admitted to doing wrong by paying a 500 Fine then insisted that paying the fine wasn't an admission she did something wrong?

She really should go back to Law School and retake a couple of ETHICS courses.

Anonymous said...

Who will ne the new DAS Commissioner?

Isn't this somewhat of a demotion for Yelmini?

Anonymous said...

Could be Brenda Sisco, presently DAS Deputy Commissioner, and former Rowland Director of Legislative Affairs.

Anonymous said...

The State police needs an enema .We need to get rid of these young out of the academy arrogant troopers with attitude and replace them.

I think Jodi should have them all resign like she did all of the commissioners and reappoint the good cops and get rid of the ones that want to act like punks.

The local cops here in my town are great. The ones from the State Police Barracks need a lesson in being nice to the public.

Anonymous said...

The Stark Raving Viking said...
Reduce rape, murder, robbery, assualt, and the contributing to the deliquency of minors, abolish the Connecticut State Police

I'm a regular poster and a friend of Jodi Rell's.

I never post here anonymously.

You however are quite correct sir so this time I will post anonymously.

I've had it with their snotty attitude, that cocky "peacock" walk they ALL seem to have, and their damned radar traps - screw `em. Pack of keystone bozos as far as I'm concerned and not fit to shine the shoes of a Mass. State Trooper (ever notice the level of professionalism up there?)

Wolcottboy said...

The NY State Police that conducted the report WAS the Commission. They did the work already. Why appoint another?

That group did some EXCELLENT work investigating the job that the CTSP IAB should have. (Might I add that the editor of the Manchester Record-Journal last week took a blanket shot at all unions because of this one report. It was quite pathetic and showed that his assertions that the recomended reorganization of the IAB only proved that he didn't read the report. It also slighted all credible and honest law enforcement personel everywhere, leaving them with no hope for optimism or improvement. The editor seems to have forgotton that many large police departments in our country go to long lengths to rid their ranks of corrupt and dishonest cops to keep thier standards high.)

What should happen next is the investigation by the State's Attorney's and Attorney General's offices and that's it. Otherwise "do nothing" Rell is only trying to make herself look good.

Anonymous said...

. . . and the commission's first task will be to find the state police.

I thought Rell had solved all the transportation problems in the state.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:59- Check your facts, each commissioner was ordered to pay $500 as part of a settlement that in the language held there would be no fault on any of those paying the fines. If I know how to put a link in I would direct you to the Elections Enforcement webpage the whole agreeement is available.

Anonymous said...

Why arent ALL the members of the commission Irish? Why only five of seven? Thats discrimination!!

Mirror said...

this group of head nodders will not change the arrogance and "we can do what we want to" attitude of the statie's and their conbstables underlings. If Rell had put some representative citizens from the minority and others who have dealt with the fascist attitudes of these overweight and arrogant little people this commission mught have had a chance to "change the culture". One just has to experience their high speed tears down I95, swerving between cars with no lights or sirens, to know they know they are not subject to any authority. The govenor's depend on them as personal drivers and bodyguards as do the other "watchdogs", with a very unhealthy relationship developed. I have noted a very peculiar and unhealthy "hero " worship of people who wear uniforms and carry guns by many public peope - and thereby the tolerance by those sane incipient masochists for police abuse. At least twenty percent of any watchdog commission should be composed of proven victims of the entity being investigated

Anonymous said...

And, if you count Commissioner Boyle as a member, it is only 6 out of 8 white Irish-American members ! Talk about a slap in the face! How are non-Irish like Farr and Karp supposed to judge police?

tessa said...

"White" is the opperative word.

D'ya think the Governess noticed that part? I think she is oblivious, as are most caucasian powerholders.

Anonymous said...

Whens the last time anyone here paid a $500 FINE because they did nothing wrong?

Only a Republican would make that argument.