Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lieberman Questions Robert Gates

From the CT Post:

At a Senate confirmation hearing for secretary of defense nominee Robert Gates, Lieberman used his allotted 10 minutes of questioning to stress his aversion to what he termed a politically motivated withdrawal.

"While all of us, of course, would like to bring our troops home as soon as possible," Lieberman said, "your primary goal is to advise the president how to succeed in Iraq, not how to withdraw our troops at any and all costs."
In his questioning, Lieberman honed in on the question of withdrawal.

"Is it fair to say that, because of your concern about the potential for a regional conflagration and that we not leave Iraq in chaos, it is highly unlikely that you would recommend to the president the beginning of a withdrawal of American troops without regard to conditions on the ground in Iraq?" he asked.

Gates responded that the decision on troop levels should be tied to the situation on the ground.

Lieberman then suggested that the situation could just as readily lead to an increase in American troops "to better embed" with Iraqi security forces.

"The potential for a surge or a temporary increase in American troops is one of the options that you would consider as part of your review now?" he asked.

I have to wonder. At any point did Joe Lieberman actually want to be Secretary of Defense?

Urban, Peter. "Gates: Everything on the table in Iraq"


GMR said...

House Intelligence Chairman-to-be Silvestre Reyes said that he wants to see an increase of 20,000 to 30,000 troops in Iraq.

Reyes said that he feared that if we withdrew from Iraq, it would become like Afghanistan was before 2001. Interestingly, he voted against the war originally.

I guess now that Democrats have some power, they've realized that simply harping about the war isn't really a strategy. And pulling out isn't really a good long term strategy either.

Anonymous said...

And I have to wonder, just how long it's been since Lieberman has lost his mind.

Anonymous said...

I vividly remember when hearing about Rummyfeld's resignation the day after the elections and instantly going to myself Joe Lieberman is going to be the next secretary of defense. Thank god he isn't, but he sure acts like he wish he was right now.

I can't believe that Lieberman, Mccain, and Reyes want to send more troops to Iraq. I can't stand this nonsense. How many Americans have died this month almost 40 and we are approaching 3,000 in total since 2003. Who knows how many Iraquis have died in Iraq. (some reports say the number has eclipsed half a million). For what?

It's fucking insane that we have a inept executive branch of government and our fbi only had 6 agents who spoke fluent arabic in Iraq. What a effing joke.

Thank god Barack Obama is going to be the nominee for the democrats in 2008. I hope he puts Lieberme and agent-orange mccain in thier closets where they permanetly belong.

You heard it here first Barack OBama will be the democratic nominee for prez unless Al Gore decides to announce his candiadacy at the academy awards when he wins best documentary for an Inconvienent Truth.

LitchfieldAngelina said...

God Bless Joe Lieberman. Maybe he's also hoping that McCain would want him as a VP candidate ...

LitchfieldAngelina said...

You mean Barack Hussein O'bama? Maybe Keith Ellison from Minnesota could be his VP. Then they can be sworn in on the Koran. Oh,yes -- what a dreamy situation.

cgg said...

Oh right. I remember reading about the Right's latest smear tactic with using Obama's middle name. Classy.

GMR said...

Oh right. I remember reading about the Right's latest smear tactic with using Obama's middle name. Classy.

Well, Hussein is his middle name. Also, why didn't the left care that Webb referred to George Allen as "George Felix Allen" (even though his middle name isn't Felix: it was a reference to his Jewish lineage).

cgg said...

GMR Felix is in fact George Allen's middle name. From my POV that whole mess was nothing more than Allen trying desperately to save his own butt.

And yes, Hussein is Obama's middle name, and he's never hidden that. But it's all right there in the tone of Angelina's comment. She even referenced the Koran even though Obama is Christian.

Anonymous said...

Santorum and Bunning were the only two do vote nay on gates. Santorum wants to confront iran not enegage them. Baker has said enegagement probabaly won't happen but we need to at least try to show the world we want peace. I think he went to Syria a dozen times before he got anywhere. I prefer that to shoot-em-up.

GMR said...

I checked. His middle name was Felix. Webb routinely called him "George Felix Allen, Jr." although he wasn't a junior (but was a Felix). Webb used the "Jr." even though his father didn't have the same middle name. His father's middle name is Herbert. (In the article I read, I had thought the "Felix" was incorrect while it was actually the "Jr.").

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Smokin' Joe at DoD if only to see all the Lamontiacs jump off a bridge! Then Rell could appoint a GOP Senator, which would drive any remaining donkeys absolutely crazy. Never happen. But it would be fun to watch the angst.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:11 ---

Great idea. I can already envision it.

A month after spending a record $16 million to keep his seat, Joe Lieberman jumps ship to become the man responsible for implementing a near-full withdrawal of US troops from Iraq by 2008.

Governor Rell then appoints Rob Simmons to take Lieberman's seat, throwing control of the Senate to the GOP for three days, until vulnerable Maine Senator Susan Collins switches parties.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal proceeds to challenge Simmons in the special election held to replace Lieberman, and Blumenthal wins winning 74% of the vote.

Meanwhile, Lieberman is in Washington implementing the Iraq Study Group's recommendations, which ironically put him in the position of enacting most of the elements of Ned Lamont's political platform. He is so successful at this, that incoming President Hillary Rodham Clinton asks him to stay on as her Secretary of Defense thereby becoming the first SecDef to serve two Presidents of different parties (although Henry L. Stimson served as Secretary of War to Presidents Taft and FDR).