Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dodd Seeks Call-Back Exemptions For Unfit Soldiers

H/T to Rose over at The Nutmeg Grater for this. She's been following issues that our local soldiers face for awhile on her blog, and deserves major credit for that.

From the Courant:

U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd is asking newly appointed Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to ensure that soldiers debilitated by post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental illnesses are not sent back into combat.

"If experienced VA doctors diagnose military personnel with incapacitating disabilities, such as severe PTSD, it would seem counter to our national security interests for the military services to somehow disregard these evaluations for less thorough assessments performed by military officials," Dodd wrote in a letter Tuesday to Gates. "It seems unacceptable and perhaps even reckless to ask our servicemen and women to entrust their lives to soldiers deemed mentally unfit by medical professionals."

This is part of the problem with sending in even more troops. We're already sending people who are unfit for duty back into combat. I shudder to think about what lengths they'll go to when the call for more troops becomes official.

Chedekel, Lisa. "Dodd Seeks Call-Back Exemptions For Unfit Soldiers". Hartford Courant. 12/20/06.


Anonymous said...

What's H/T mean?

cgg said...

Hat tip.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this is one of the reasons we need a larger Army and Marine Corps. Unfortunately some, including the Fairfield Minuteman's editor today, which is nothing but a rag for Ken Flatto and the local Democrats anyway, have translated the call for a larger military to a direct call fo more troops in Iraq. And that's not to say Bush won't send more but those who have been calling for a larger military - many Democrats included - are not all in favor of increasing the ranks in Iraq.

and my monitor yeaterday left this goings on at the capitol out:State energy panel is all ears
Luther Turmelle, North Bureau Chief

and does anybody fond this interesting?State 49th in income growth
Steve Higgins, Register Business Editor

and now that his ten years are up giving him full benies:UConn President Will Move On

Anonymous said...

this is fairly straight forward on the electric rate issue and our two regulated utilities that don't take much risk these days thanks to dergegulation:Executives of UI, CL&P raking in cash

and this article basically shows the ctpost doesn't understand the issue too wellUI buying power from Morgan, Fla. firm

and No charges yet in governor death threat
By:Christine McCluskey, Journal Inquirer

ctkeith said...


The last thing we need is a bigger Military.

How about we take 2 billion and set up a civil affairs division in the State Dept that can do what all the tanks,planes,bombs,bullets and grunts had no idea how to do after they defeated the toothless Iraqi army.

The Irony that the Republican Party Hated Buerocrats enough to not realize that a government cannot function without them should not have been lost on what happened in Iraq.

There is absolutely no military force in this world who can stand up to ours for more than a week or two BUT Iraq proved AGAIN that being militarily superior doesn't guarentee Victory.

Empire is very Expensive but empire with Nero as Emperor will
always ends badly.