Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Courtney and Murphy get Committee Assignments

From Matt Browner Hamlin via MLN:

Congressmen-elect Joe Courtney and Chris Murphy have now been given their first committee assignments. Courtney is on the Armed Services Committee, alongside Fighting Dems Joe Sestak and Patrick Murphy. Chris Murphy is on the Government Reform Committee alongside the New Hampshire Miracle, Paul Hodes.

All Democratic freshmen were appointed to at least one committee. See the full list here.

Alas, no one in the CT House delegation will be on the Transportation Committee.


Anonymous said...

Strange not to see any comments. Armed Services is big for Joe, someone must have been working hard behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Was going to say that Armed Services helps Joe C. get reelected for sure.

What exactly does government reform do?

Anonymous said...

Pontificate. It will suit young Murphy fine.

When some CT business in the next couple of years is getting crushed by some obscure tax or trade policy they'll wish Nancy Johnson was still around to intercede..but as Joni Mitchell sang...you don;t know what you got 'til its gone

Anonymous said...

It sounds like this committee does a lot of interesting work - Murphy sounds excited about it in a press release on his site -

Today, Congressman-elect Chris Murphy was appointed to the House Government Reform Committee for the 110th Congress. He is one of only two freshmen to receive this key assignment. On this powerful committee, chaired by California Congressman Henry Waxman, Murphy will play a role in investigating and proposing solutions to the nation’s most pressing issues, including the management of the war in Iraq, the implementation of Medicare Part D, and the need for open government.

Murphy spent last week in Washington, D.C. lobbying for appointment to the Government Reform Committee.

“Appointment to this committee was a priority for me, and I know that my service there will greatly benefit the residents of the Fifth District. For too long, Congress has abandoned its role to oversee how the government spends our money, both here at home and abroad. Government has also stopped exercising its power to check corporate abuses. By serving on the Government Reform Committee, I will be able to expose the waste and fraud in and out of government, and work to propose solutions to the most important problems of the day,” said Murphy.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Government Reform have oversight over the government's spending? Where should Congressman-Elect Murphy start?!? Iraq, Medicare Part D, Katrina... you name it and the government has wasted money there! Murphy will now be on the committee that nails these guys to the wall. You think Nancy has ever done that? She walked the Bush agenda line....

Anonymous said...

Smurph is a tiny fish in a giant pond. He will achieve nothing. His staff can write all the press releases they want. He is a non-entity.

Anonymous said...

So the two new Congressmen are only on 1 committee each? Is that normal? The rest of the delegation are on multiple committees. Why the low number?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to thank Chris Murphy for costing Connecticut a seat on the Ways & Means Committee. Most of the issues that Chrissie campaigned on (Medicare) are dealt with on that Committee, and now Chris won't have to get his hands dirty.

If Courtney could get Simmons' seat on Armed Services, Murphy could have made the case for Ways & Means. Yes, Larson's on it, but that's not the point.

Oh, and we can all be glad that Chris is going to change things as a member of Government Reform, and get rid of money in Washington. His name is already listed on a fundraising appeal for The New Democrat Coalition PAC that's going to host corporate cash-fueled breakfasts.


Hmmm. It's time for a change.

Anonymous said...

No freshman Congressmen ever get on Ways & Means. And while on Government Reform he will be able to have oversight over CMS and how they run the Medicare Part D program. Also, Armed Services is not a difficult committee to get on, they have several freshman additions, Government Reform only has two freshmen.

These are only the initial committee assignmnets. Murphy and COurtney will get at least one other committee.

Anonymous said...

What did CT get from Johnson's seat on Ways and Means? A prescription drug plan that costs everybody billions. With Murphy on a committee that will actually look into how the government is operating and spending our money, things will actually change in Washington.

Anonymous said...

Murphy was a member of Connecticut's General Assembly for 8 years. During that time our taxes doubled, and the General Assembly under funded our teacher, and state worker pensions by billions and billions of dollars. He left a mess for our kids to clean up.

He made no positive difference at all in Hartford, what in the world would make anyone seriously think he will in Washington?

Frankly we would all be better served if he got no committee assignments at all.

The only change we made last month was to vote out one older ineffective career politician, and voted in another much younger one.

Anonymous said...

So you are saying one Senator out of 36 is responsible for all of the bad things the state has given us? How about looking at the Governor? Didn't Rowland and Rell sign those bills into law?

All of this negative Murphy talk is from the same credible sources that said he had no shot of winning.

Your political acumen continues to astound...

Anonymous said...

No, I am saying as a senator he was part of this problem here in Connecticut, not the solution. He was part of a General Assembly that was overwhelmingly Democratic, and could have addressed these issues. Instead he and the rest of them including our governors made it worse.

That being the case why then would Chris Murphy suddenly become part of the solution in Washington?

My political acumen may continue to astound you but I'm simply looking at the facts. You may want to give it a try yourself.