Thursday, November 02, 2006

Petty Cash

The New Haven Register has dug into Senator Lieberman's FEC filings and found out some interesting things.

Long but imporant quote from the article:

At least one man who was hired as a consultant, Tomas Reyes of Oxford, said he has yet to be asked by the campaign to turn over material for the journal, which would justify expenditures of $8,250.

The FEC requires the treasurer of the political committee to keep a written journal of all disbursements out of petty cash, including names, addresses, dates and purposes.

The campaign failed to make campaign manager Sherry Brown available for an interview on the campaign report and the status of the journal. Treasurer Lynn Fusco also failed to return phone calls seeking comment.

Also, Reyes and another man, Daryl Brooks of New Haven, who ran a consultant service, said they each got one check from the campaign for their services, but they are listed in the third quarter campaign finance report as getting two checks, for a total of twice what the men said they received.

The report lists Reyes as getting two checks for $8,250, one on Aug. 4 and one on Aug. 15. Brooks received $12,200 on Aug. 11 and another check for the same amount on Aug. 15, according to the Lieberman report. Both men said this was inaccurate.

Several young men, who were paid $60 a day out of petty cash to canvass in Bridgeport, said they were paid in cash for aggregate earnings over $200.

Rob Dhanda, 18, or Stratford, said he earned $480 in cash over several weeks, while Walter Ruilova, 18, also of Stratford, said his total was an estimated $360 in cash. Ruilova estimated there were about 30 teenagers working out of the Bridgeport office, each earning $60 a day in cash, over a few weeks.

Michelle Ryan, a spokeswoman for the FEC, would not comment on specifics of the Lamont complaint, but said "in terms of itemization, it is required once the aggregate total to a recipient is in excess of $200."

The plot thickens.

O'Leary, Mary E. "Lamont files an FEC complaint over Lieberman’s expenditure of petty cash". New Haven Register. 11/02/06


Anonymous said...

The rules for running polical campaigns don't apply to Lieberman because it's about people not politics. It amazes me that so many people don't understand that. Joe is morally superior and that's all that counts!!!

Anonymous said...

Joe Lieberman has ceded any claim he ever had to being a "principled" man. This is ridiculous, and I am ashamed this person is our Senator.

It's a dark day in Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

The plot may have thickened... but alas, no-one cares.

cgg said...

You're right 2:18. And that's the most depressing aspect of this.

brickbat said...

Mr. Morality has always been about doing anything to win.

Today in The Courant he referred to Ned Lamont's "deep pockets" , conveniently forgetting that his campaign has more money than Ned's, due to his special interest contibutors.

He also said "Well, we agree on that," to a woman who had called Lamont "the biggest jerk in the world."

It must be such a burden to be so upright and good.

Anonymous said...

I certainly care - and I care a lot. Lieberman's campaign fraud is unacceptable. At this critical time for our nation, there's nothing more important than the Connecticut voters' voice being heard in a free and fair election.

Lieberman and Bush are pressing on to Iran, and if Liebs cheats his way back in, we're probably going to kill a lot more innocents. And a lot of our sons and daughters - and maybe even us - will die too, all in the name of imperialism and the almighty dollar.

Anonymous said...

So should the voters elect Joe...he cheated his way back in???


Dr. Bloor said...

I wonder if Joe realizes that the folks who will be most interested in his slush fund after the elections are his good friends in the Republican Party?
Once they're done using Joey Two Times to run interference on Lamont, they can press hard on an FEC or IRS investigation to knock him out and give Gov. Rell the chance to give the seat to a real Republican.