Monday, November 27, 2006

Mayor DeStefano's Staff Shakeup

Paul Bass has an article up about upcoming changes in New Haven Mayor John DeStefano's administration.

Mayor John DeStefano is expected to announce a shake-up of top positions in City Hall this week, including the switch of top aide Karen DuBois-Walton (pictured) to the number-two post in the housing authority.

DeStefano said he can't comment yet on the changes except to say that they're coming. The announcement will come as DeStefano returns to his job as mayor in earnest after three years running for governor. Critics charged that DeStefano and his top aides put the city on hold during that time and failed to address pressing issues like crime and taxes. Since returning to City Hall full-tiime this month DeStefano has announced a bold plan to revive community policing while planning a far-ranging shuffling of key positions in his administration.

I don't live in New Haven so I don't have a sense of it's residents feel about DeStefano's campaign or how much time he spent on running for higher office while also running the city. It's certainly an understandable feeling though.

Bass, Paul. "Shake-Up Looms At City Hall". New Haven Independent. 11/27/06


Anonymous said...

until this past september i did live in new haven, and as subpar as DeStefano's performance as a gubernatorial candidate was, his performance as mayor has been decidedly worse.

he has systematically looked the other way while new haven has become the most dangerous city in all of new england, and instead of addressing the myriad problems expanding under his administration he chooses to do everything he can to sweep them under the rug.

voters of new haven need to wake up and realize what the voters of connecticut clearly did.

Genghis Conn said...

I do recall that there was some annoyance about him running for governor during his re-election campaign in 2005--but certainly not enough to do any serious damage to his candidacy.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 10:17,

If New haven is so dangerous why are all those white suburban kids in Downtown New Haven every weekend night?

I"ll bet you're Rebublican and scared of the Terrorists too,LMAO.

PS-What the Voters of Ct realized is they liked having a Stupid but pleasant Grandma looking over their Democratic Legislature.

ct_husky said...

Anon 10:27,

I actually am one of those "white suburban kids" (Hamden) who spends time in downtown New Haven. My friends and I frequent a lot of the restaurants in the York Square area, and we have since way back in high school (and yes, 6 or so years counts as "way back" for me). And I'll tell you this, it does feel like things are slipping down there. Whether there's empirical evidence regarding crime increases or not, there's a different feel on a lot of those streets now, and I'm hoping that DeStefano can get his act together and actually do something about it - something productive.

And, by the way, I'm a registered Dem...and DeStefano would have been no improvement over Rell.

Anonymous said...

With incidents happening like this, New Haven has a problem.

Anonymous said...

Is there any word as to who Chris Murphy and Joe Courtney are going to fill out their state and d.c staffs with?