Friday, November 03, 2006

Lieberman Supporters Disrupt Lamont Event

Remember my endorsements from yesterday? Regarding the Lieberman campaign, this is exactly what I was talking about.

Over at MLN, Mom has a collection of news and blog links describing what happened.


disgruntled_republican said...

Thank god this thing is almost over.

Anonymous said...

Thank god Lierberman doesn't stand for all of that partisan bickering in Washington. He's a man of principles!

Anonymous said...

d_r: You really think it is almost over? Just wait until the votes are counted and it is 41% Lieberman, 41% Lamont, 16% Schlesinger, 2% other, with the difference between Lieberman and Lamont being less than 1,000 votes and it ends up in the courts for months.

cgg said...

For once we agree DR.

Anonymous said...

If Lieberman loses, I heard he has his sights set on Governor. It will never be over for Lieberman until he moves out of state.

I know the truth must hurt said...

come on, the least you could do is link to the Lieberman's campaign account of the situation:

i feel the need to reiterate an important statement in this post:

The guy who is banking his whole campaign on standing up to the Bush Administration couldn’t even stand up to harmless bunch of sign-waving 22-year-olds.

Anonymous said...

Both campaigns have been horrid. It's out of control and we have but ourselves to blame.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Lamont should have kicked some ass, big time!! What a wimp.

turfgrrl said...

Seems like it's much ado about nothing. The joe2006 blog says this "Lamont Event" occurred right outside the Lieberman head quarters. Now, if there was one place filled with your opponents supporters that just may be motivated to check out a bright gold bus of the rival candidate, just where would that be ... Glad to see MLNers planning to match up photos of with the "Do Not Fly for Lamont" list. The loyalty oaths must be around the corner ...

cgg said...

Well now we have confirmation from Joe's blog. They were in fact there to disrupt the event. Thanks for posting the link Eric.

Anonymous said...


Lieberman can't move out of state. He'd have to live here first.

How many CT voters know that Joe sold his house, and is now renting an apartment, on a month-to-month lease?

How many CT voters know that his rich uncle's non-profit foundation, owns half his DC townhouse?

How many CT voters know that the Lieberman's receive $50,000/year as "trustees" of that foundation? Good ol' Joe makes more than most working people in CT, just for "presiding" over his rich uncle's estate, yet half his campaign has been run against Mr. Lamont's $$$.

Anonymous said...


Neither the Lamont campaign, nor any of the grassroots activists, have done anything on par with the thuggery of the Lieber-punks.

There is a huge difference between freedom of expression, and orchestrated disruptiveness.

Believe you me, it would have been simple to assemble small crowds with the express purpose of shutting down Lieberman's events. t would have been hugely fun to shout Joe down wherever he appeared. But it would also have been wrong.

What amazes me is that Lieberman has the gall to complain about Ned's negative campaigning, when it was Joe himself who first brought negative ads to Connecticut politics.

Anonymous said...

$387,000 is a whole lot of street money.

Now we're seeing what that buys. Every day Lieberman is making Connecticut 2006 look more like Florida 2000.

Heckuva job, Joe - that's the GOP way to get things done..

Anonymous said...

Disgusting. There was much of the same from the Smurph campaign. These clowns are an embarassment to their parents.

MikeCT said...

Rep. Evelyn Mantilla on the Lieberthugs (hat tip to Scarce):

The actions of the Lieberman “volunteers” created an environment of intimidation and frankly just downright disturbed the peace of the residents. The crowd created such a tight space that they blocked the entrance to the building and any resident who wanted to get through to Ned, or just leave the building, had to push their way through or put up with getting pushed around themselves.

I am appalled. If they felt they had to make an appearance, they can march with their signs and chant their message all they want… but this was crossing the line. The lack of respect for these folks was beyond anything I’ve ever seen. These are SENIORS… this was not a rally… it was a simple meet and greet. I can’t begin to describe the outrage I feel.

A reminder of the primary thuggery of the Lieberman campaign, disrupting a Meriden event. (Some photos.) And other Lieberthugs committing theft and vandalism. And who could forget Liebergoon lobbyist Richard Goodstein (video), who helped disrupt the Meriden Lamont event with his shouting and barges into the middle of a media interview in the video.

Lieberman is a desperate and sad shell of a man who has permanently disgraced himself with these tactics.

Billy said...

Just getting back at Lamonsters for hacking his website during the primary.

justavoter said...

Lets get real.

Even if the event was a meet and greet which is was .

These Lieberman Campaign people should have respected Ned Lamonts event since he was invited to come and speak.

This is the kind of idiots that Lieberman has as volunteers maybe they are spending the petty cash on these bozos.

This kind of thing turns voters off big time and I always say whatI think anyone here with some of the comments I have read with there Anti Lamont message including the last one which is a lie all I have to say to you is get the facts straight.

Lieberman website was never hacked by Lamonts campaign and there were plenty of news reports in the end and tech people to confirm that.

But thats the way it goes when Liebermans people are disruptive with Lamont and those the senior citizens who wanted to hear Ned speak.

Lieberman people used Nazi tactics and I will bet the next time they try and pull that garbage some of them are going to have Lamont people in there face.

At least the Lamont people are volunteers not paid to create havoc.

Lieberman had to know this was going to happen and did not even tell his campaign people to stay away from the Lamont Bus and Ned event.

Thats why Joe will lose November 7th he is a Sleazy Politician and his campaign people these paided goons do whatever he says .

Thats the difference between a campaign based on the truth and the issues and concerns of the people on the war in Iraq Social Security ,Universal Health Care verses Libermans lies lies and lies not to mention his support of the Bush War.

Lieberman no anti-war peace candidate and for him to try and get the Anti War vote it will never happen.

Joe has got to go and thats the bottomline.

cgg said...

Billy no one hacked Lieberman's website. During the primary campaign Lieberman had a crappy web host which went down on primary day. Considering the increased traffic and how little he invested that's not surprising. Many sites went down at various times on primary day including CTLP.

What Lieberman, and his campaign, did do was lie about being hacked.

let's be honest said...

one thing strikes me as strange here. there was this terrible carnage done by the Lieberman campaign and yet NOT A SINGLE PERSON ON THE LAMONT BUS TAPED IT. i find it very hard to beleive that their wasnt a single person with a camcorder ready to youtube his planned stop that could have easily captured this carnage. this will remain the problem with bloggers. unless you are committed to accurately telling people the facts of events your credibility will be zero. lets be honest, the events are not as the Lamont campaign would like us to believe, otherwise there would be a youtube of it.

NotNed said...

Silly whining. If you want to see real stormtroopers, visit Mayor Mike's in Hartford when the Weicker-liker Lyndon LaRouche cult is in town. Did Ned pay for the bus out of petty cash? Or was it a loner from one of Tom D'Amore's old campaigns?

turfgrrl said...

from the Courant Two Lieberman and Lamont aides had a calmer exchange.

What did you expect, showing up across the street? asked the Lieberman aide.

"Yeah, I know," replied the Lamont aide.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see the Democrats NOT blaming the Republicans for a change.

Paul said...

After the election, I wonder what percentage of the Lieberyouth will enlist and volunteer to go to Iraq? Oh wait, silly me. They're too privileged and important to do the dying. That's best left to others.

cgg said...

Here's a link to the Courant article Turfgrrl was referrring to. Headline: Lamont Shouted Down.