Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Johnsonn Conceeds


Anonymous said...

at least spell her name right....

Anonymous said...

Why did she cave in? Not even 20% of the vote are in.

MikeCT said...

Just got back from the Murphy party. Room was pumped up. It was pretty clear he won it early on when of the first 1/3 of the towns reporting, he had won all but one by substantial margins. New Britain and Meriden went for Murphy by approx 2-1 margins. Johnson lost her own voting district.

I have never seen a candidate beam like Murphy coming on stage. Started off saying (paraphrase): After today, never let anyone tell you a thing can't be done.

The pundits said this race couldn't be won, and he pulled it off with old-fashioned, strong, grassroots organizing and door knocking, along with a positive, refreshing, optimistic, and youthful approach.

And it certainly helped that Johnson shot herself in the foot with crazy attack ads and a poorly designed Medicare drug plan.

He has set a new model for campaigning for the party.

Wolcottboy said...

I got back from the Murphy party at around 11:30. I just wanted to tell him he ran a very good ground campaign. He looked worn the first time I saw him and he gazily shook my hand before going to a back hallway. He came back a few minutes later looking more refreshed and taking in the room.

The room was full of college kids and a fairly young crowd of Working Family supporters, Lamont backers, and local and imported college kids (as well as quite a few locals I spoke to). Media was prominent and the air was full of happy festivities, balloons and confetti on the ground. At 11:30, the party continued strong and into the lobby.

I talked to a few of his supporters, and they really earned this night. Chris has been known locally for a hard ground campaign, though it was usually a single man and family job. This proves he can expand it to a full army full of spirit that was affective with voters just looking for something to hold on to.

Johnson came out with one or two very good commercials- on Saturday. Way too late and after any voter had already shut out any information from the negative ads over the past two months. Before Saturday, it was clear Johnson would repeat her message over and over. Murphy didn't say anything nasty about her (although some of his compatriots did early-on) and didn't mention where he stood on most issues. The key was that Johnson didn't either (until yesterday), and voters could no tell a lick of difference between the two except for style.

Knowing their records, I was hard pressed on who to vote for. I voted for Johnson, but will accept Murphy (ugh!) for two years (but that's it).
This group did a superbly commendable and classy job that simply built momentum to sucess. It would be hard pressed to meet a better opponent. Only two weeks ago the campaign was down 3 points. Great job by the campaign and the Congressman.
To the voters: Keep an eye on him.

Jim said...

Chris may have run one of the best campaigns in the country.

Okay, I am sure that Chris Murphy ran one of the best campaigns in the country. Not the Harold Ford kind of great campaign that still loses, but an absolute brilliant, balanced, and intense campaign. There's a reason he's never lost.

He's going to hold this seat for quite a while, unless he chooses to keep moving up at the rate he has. 2 terms in the House, 2 terms in the Senate, now he starts in Congress. Murphy's a rock star.