Friday, November 03, 2006

Election 2006: disgruntled_republican's Picks

Continuing in the series of who we plan on voting for and why I offer you my choices. Despite the fact that I am a registered Republican, I am a very independent thinker (Last year's municipal election was the first time I voted all Republican) and not all my choices make me feel good inside. Anyway, here we go!

I am taking this a bit out of order for one main reason. I love Rob Simmons. I think he is the epitome of what a Congressman should be and despite what the opposition party says, he does a wonderful job for the people he represents. With that said, it should come as no surprise that I am voting to re-elect Rob Simmons for Congressman in the Second District.

Simmons represents the largest district in Connecticut in terms of land mass and effectively represents the people of the entire district. Aside from the sub base, Simmons biggest accomplishment is far and away the amount of funding he brings back to the District. Rob has been able to secure 10's of millions of dollars for the different cities and towns in his district. Being from Enfield, I will use it as an example. In the 4 years he has been our Congressman he has gotten Federal funding for projects in our community such as: $2 million for a high speed rail crossing to allow people to regain access to the Connecticut River after Amtrak closed it off. Historic fishing spots such as the Enfield Dam, known around the world for it's Shad fishing, will once again have fisherman a plenty. Projects like the South Maple Street bridge where Rob worked with Joe Lieberman and fought to get us over $2 million to replace this bridge that is about to fall into the Scantic River; over $1 million for roads and sidewalks and upwards of $3 million for a train station in Thompsonville to support a Springfield to New Haven commuter rail line.

Now this is only a partial list and these are not pork barrel projects. They are real. They add to the community's infrastructure. Pick any town and you can find many, many similar examples. The only way to accomplish this is to be out in the community, listen to the people you represent and Rob does just that, perhaps better than anyone in Congress.

The Democrats try to paint him with their evil Bush Brush but it just isn't true. He has been critical of the Bush Administration's handling of the war in Iraq and even gave a floor speech saying just that. He is an independent voice trusted by both sides of the aisle and deserves an additional 2 years.

For Governor, it should come as no surprise that I am voting for M. Jodi Rell. She stepped up when we needed her most. She helped put Connecticut back on the right path and is the right person to lead us for the next 4 years. She has worked with the legislature to accomplish many things in 2 short years. Campaign Finance reform, transportation initiatives, stem cell research, ethics reforms and beyond. This was no easy task and not many could have accomplished this but she did. She is a common voice for the common people and has earned my support.

Now with that said, I hope some things change. We absolutely need to ease the over taxation on our people and our businesses. We need to look at our utility issues, property tax reform for both businesses and homeowners. While her opponent, John DeStefano, offered many plans I do not think they are realistic and to be frank, I have major problems with some of them, specifically universal health care coverage. That said, he had ideas and talked about them and I she becomes more proactive and adopt the same mentality, perhaps with less specifics.

For State Senate, I will be voting for John Kissel. John has served his district well the past 14 years and deserves to go back for another term. He is knowledgeable on the issues that matter and is out in the community. He doesn't tow the party line and has shown his bi-partisanship numerous times over the years. And as he has pointed out, he is very close to the Governor and that can only mean good things for the 7th District. Furthermore, his opponent, Bill Kiner, does everything but excite me. I think Bill is a good man but I cannot help but question his reasoning for running. With the negativity spewing from him and his campaign, I have to wonder if it is more about him than it is about the District and that cannot be good for anyone.

Now that brings me to US Senate. On August 10th, I was 100% positive I was voting for Joe Lieberman on Tuesday. This says a lot. I cannot stand Joe Lieberman but in my mind voting for him was the only way we could stop Ned Lamont, a man who scared me at the time. Over the past couple weeks I have truly been unsure of how I was going to vote. I had even gone so far as to think about voting “present” by not casting my ballot for this race Then the debates happened and Joe reminded me that I couldn't stand him. That was when I also realized that he and Ned Lamont, aside from the war in Iraq, are no different. That was when I realized that it wasn't Ned Lamont that scares me but instead it is many of the people that support him like the folks at Daily Kos and and their extreme vision for America that frighten me. That is also when Alan Schlesinger “brought me home” to borrow a phrase a Simmons staffer used when we talked about the debates. Brought me home indeed. And I will in fact vote for Alan Schlesinger on Tuesday. Alan is by far the smartest of the three fiscally. He knows his stuff on Social Security and the budget and to be frank, he is what Washington needs. He would be an advocate for the people when Congress debates our ballooned budgets. I like his ideas on solving the quagmire in Iraq. I like his demeanor and sense of humor. In a way, he is kind of refreshing.

That is not to say I like everything about Schlesinger. I had major issues with the casino stuff and his immigration stance is a bit to the right of mine but when you take into account the entire package of the 3 candidates, Schlesinger is the closest to me and is why he will get my vote. I realize it is probably not going to make a difference but I cannot in good conscience vote any other way.

Well, that's that! I can't wait to read what you think!
Only 5 days to go!


Anonymous said...

Yikes! Routing our tax dollars via Washington and then hoping our federal representatives will manage to earmark money for local projects is an woefully inefficient way to fund local projects. Connecticut is one of the wealthiest states per capita in the nation. If a local project is worth doing Connecticut should be able to fund it without involving the federal government. Roads, bridges, train stations, these are all local or state projects that are well within the capabilities of our state. Personally I don't want my federal representatives wasting their time on these sorts of things.

disgruntled_republican said...

Problem is we are on the short end of the stick with money that comes back to CT and our huge tax burden for the status quo doesn't allow towns to budget for big ticket items like this, thus you ask for help. THe point was Simmons is out there listening in all his communities.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what about the 58th or 59th...where do you stand.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly how I react to Schlesinger - well said!

Shadow said...

This independent voter just got his NINTH automated anti-Courtney robocall from supporters of Rob Simmons.

Voting on Rell to champion ethics reform is like voting for Republicans to reduce terrorists; the words are there, the facts are not.

You put it well about Schlesinger though, he's not perfect, but he's dead on about a lot of important issues facing our country today.

Hills of Somers said...

Well reasoned, D_R. Simmons has done well for North Central, CT. I also agree with the comments above that getting support for local projecta via Washington is a terrible way to plan - but in some cases the needs are derived by unfunded mandates that originate in DC, or Hartford.

For that reason I also believe Mr. Kissel is the best choice for State Senate-- He speaks against foolish mandates and bloated governments; and has taken the Governor's office to task whenever neccessary.

And youre right on the money regarding Alan.

D_G & Ghengis - Is there a news story in your town today about CFR hijinks in the 58th Dist. race?


Anonymous said...

I have come to like Alan Schlesinger but that said, sadly he simply is not in a position to win this race. A vote for him may make us feel good, but isn't going to solve the real problem. And that problem is Joe Lieberman.

It's nice to see Joe campaigning for once in Connecticut. Now I understand exactly why I have always disliked him but couldn't put my finger on why. Does the word hypocrite seem to fit at all?

Ned Lamnot did at first scare me but as time goes on I am coming to feel he is not the wacko I first thought. Instead increasingly I find myself gaining respect for him. As a fairly conservative independent I'll risk giving Lamnot a shot if it means Joe gets the boot.

If the Democrats were smart enough to give Lieberman the boot I don't see why the Republicans and us independents should be dumb enough to take this poor lost soul in.

A Registered Independent (the biggest growing "party" in America today) said...

You are voting for Rep. Rob Simmons because "Simmons biggest accomplishment is far and away the amount of funding he brings back to the District."

Your decision reminds me of what Henry Hazlitt wrote in his book Economics in One Lesson: “When we can find no better argument for the retention of any group of officeholders than that of retaining their purchasing power it is a sign that the time has come to get rid of them.”

And any spending that perpetuates Amtrak -- which is a monopoly -- is indeed "pork." We need to become smarter and ask ourselves, "How can we improve our trains by subsidizing more innovative outfits than Amtrak will ever be?" That issue is addressed by Joseph Vranich in his book "End of the Line."

As long as I'm quoting authors, I remind all who favor federal spending on local projects to remember the words of Alexis de Tocqueville, who said, “The American Democratic experiment will succeed until the people realize they can vote themselves money from the public treasury . . . then it will collapse.”

Anonymous said...

Why do Democrats scare you?

finally-fishing said...

registered "independent" -

First, not possible. There is no independent party in CT, it is unaffiliated. Got that from the voter reg card, didnt need a book.

Next, as D-R stated, the point was missed. He was using it as an example of how in touch with the communities Rob represents he actually is and after all, isn't that the role of a Congressman?

The crossing is for citizens who lost access to the river, not for Amtrak in any way shape or form. And last time I checked, Rob was one of Amtrak's biggest critic.

wb said...

I like Alan. He's smart, engaging, and would maybe make a great senator ... one day. This is not the day. In a comparison against Ned Lamont, Alan all the way. But here's the trouble. Lieberman actually has better foreign diplomacy credence than the whole Bush administration. If he's the guy heading up committees that will actually have conduct some oversight on the reckless plans that Rumsfeld has come up with, then he's my guy. Everybody in DC knows that Rumsfeld has done more damage to the military than two world wars, Korea and Vietnam combined. Iraq and middle-east security is the top threat/issue facing our country and the last thing I want to see is for some impractical know-nothing like Lamont be sent to Washington because responsible republicans can't think through an election past the party affiliation. If democrats can vote for M. Jodi Rell, because they realize that DeStefano is impracticaly suited for office, then republicans can likewise do the same at vote for Lieberman.

An Independent (the fastest growing "party" in America today is the non-party of Independents) said...

Calling myself a "registered independent" is a phrase I've gotten used to using when I hear people pledge allegiances to the corrupt parties.

Anonymous said...

Lieberman will be on the "Lieberman for CT" line rather than as a "Petitioning Candidate" as some thought. He'll be easily found thanks to his friend, Susan B.

Anonymous said...

To all those commenters who are saying that Simmons ability to get federal dollars indicates that he 'cares' for his constituents I say: Bah!

Simmons isn't a local or state representative. He is a federal representative and I want him to be dealing with national and international issues, not trying to get a road repaired in Eastern CT. If you think that Simmons (or any Senator or Representative) should be spending their time on local projects then I have to ask: who do you think should be spending their time on national and international issues?

disgruntled_republican said...

Anon 428-

They are all pieces of the pie and he should have his focus on both. All politics is local my friend.

Anonymous said...


"...he should have his focus on both"

Doesn't that just say it all? Isn't this why people are so dissatisfied with government? Politicians with no goals or focus who run around from one issue to the next based on whatever was in the most recent news cycle or the results of the most recent opinion poll or the desires of the last lobbyist to fund their most recent junket.

To be honest, I don't think the Republican or Democratic parties can be fixed. The are terminally ill. Unfortunately I don't yet see a viable alternative.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's that! I can't wait to read what you think! says disgruntled _ republican so that he can issue a rebuttal. Once we hear from Autenetic CT Republican we can see if he calls anyone who challenges him anti_American.