Friday, November 03, 2006

Debate *Updated*

Ever the prepared blogger, I remembered to bring my digital camera to tonight's debate party, but left the batteries at home in the charger. This picture is from my cell phone. It's Ned speaking to supporters at the party.

If you didn't see the debate I highly recommend catching it when it airs on Sunday, or tomorrow when it will of course be all over the internet. Lamont and Schlesinger had a civil discussion and exchange of ideas. Lieberman's absence gave both candidates more time to speak and elaborate on the issues that mattered to them. Neither Schlesinger nor Lamont interrupted one another. It's the kind of debate we should have seen all along, and it only happened because Joe was a no show.

The Courant has a nice roundup of the debate here.


Anonymous said...

Is 43% Lamont's magic number?

Honestly, when all is said and done, I expect Alan Schlesinger to garner 12-18% of the vote. If this happens, Lamont could squeak past Lieberman with as little as 42-45% of the vote.

With roughly 40% of next Tuesday's voters comfortably in the bag, Ned Lamont is very much within striking distance. Perhaps that explains Lieberman's tense nastiness.

If I were an "Independent Democrat" like Joe, I wouldn't be sleeping well in the face of, 1)This disastrous war, and the growing wave of voter discontent, 2)An extraordinary reliance on partisan Republicans to vote for him, for the first time ever. 3) Joe's funky ballot position at the very bottom of the ballot.

This race isn't normal. And despite the unsubstantiated brilliance of Quinnipiac's Doug Schwartz, (where's the methodology Dougie?), I wouldn't be at all surprised if things break Ned Lamont's way.

Joe Scordato said...

Lamont has a solid 40%. His GOTV should deliver at least 3%, so 43% is definitely the magic number. If Schlesinger gets 15% (for the reasons noted above), the best Joe can do is 42%. I think it will be a squeaker, but I cannot see CT trending differently than the rest of the country. When the independents and undecideds break (as they appear to be doing over the last few days), it will be against the incumbent. That's means Lamont or Schelsinger. Say goodbye, Joe.

Anonymous said...

No way Alan Gold gets 18 percent, not even 15 percent. If he gets 12 percent it is a miracle. Likely best is 10 to 11 percent.

Anonymous said...

Now now. EVERYONE knows that Alan (like a Greek God) will pull at least 20%. He's so smart, and tough, and the R's they are dumb, they have no clue and are blind partisan evil hacks who will vote all R, because they are hyenas who clearly are stupid and only see R on the ballot. Come on, no respectable R would vote for Joe. This race is over. Ned, Ned, Ned.

Anonymous said...

thanks for that call, Doug Schwartz.

brickbat said...

Too bad more people don't watch the debates. Last night's was greatly improved by Joe's absence.

AS did his usual good job, and wasn't as nutty as in the other debates. NL improved as the night went on. He got off his stump speech and seemed more relaxed without the troll around to call him names (like "liar" and "jerk") while decrying negativity.

I think Lamont can still win this race, although common sense would put him as the underdog (every poll can't be wrong about his flat numbers). Still, I think the combination of his field operation (they are working like crazy), Lieberman's horrid ballot placement and Ned's re-focus on the war make it at least a possibility.

I know at least a few undecideds who have broken Ned's way in the past few days.

bluecoat said...

there we go

some more endorsements

Anonymous said...

the Westport News recommends dumping incumbents Freedman, the R State Senator, and Mioli, the D state rep, in favor of the challengers - Schiavone and Harris.