Thursday, November 02, 2006

86,000 New Voters Regiestered in Connecticut

From the Courant:

More than 86,000 residents registered to vote between May 1 and Tuesday, the deadline. Of those new voters, 38 percent are Democrats, 15 percent are Republicans and 47 percent are unaffiliated, state officials said.

Democrats have long outnumbered Republicans in Connecticut, but the new voters are even more skewed in their favor. Democrats traditionally make up about 33 percent of the state's voters, while Republicans account for about 22 percent, officials said.

The new registrations bring the total number of voters in Connecticut to 1.9 million, a record for a statewide election in a non-presidential year, officials said.

Good News for Democracy!

Associated Press. "More Than 86,000 New Voters Could Affect Close Congressional Races". Hartford Courant. 11/1/06


Anonymous said...

Why won't Doug Schwartz release the internals of his two latest Q-polls?

Quinnipiac has always had a good reputation, but Mr. Schwartz is trashing it. I hate to argue bias, but between his commentaries, and his lack of disclosure, it sure seems suspicious.

Does anyone know the history of Stan Greenberg's involvement in the Q Polling Institute?

It looks like Lamont is trailing, but can you really game the multi-variables, -- turnout, Joe's ballot position, and his shaky Republican support?

In any case, I'm voting against this disastrous war. Someone needs to lose their job over this.

Anonymous said...

But will these newly registered democrats vote Lamont?

Lieberman has divided the CT democrats. Congratulations, holy Joe.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of your political views, you have to like more people registering and more people voting. I'd rather see it more evenly divided, for checks and balances, so one party doesn't overreach (GOP in DC, Dems in CT), but it is a step in the right direction. Also, nothing wrong with the CT Dem party being split. I'm sure the Dems want to see the GOP split. Isn't that what they are campaigning against? The monolithic GOP?

Shadow said...

> But will these newly registered democrats vote Lamont?

Clearly. The only group where a plurality of Democrats are sticking with Lieberman is seniors; Lamont wins every other major demographic hands down when it comes to Democratic voters, and his numbers soar when it comes to voters younger and newer to the process.

The vast majority of these eighty-six thousand new voters have registered just so they can vote for Lamont; it's the only explanation for this dramatic kind of increase in a mid-term election. This should be no surprise to anyone, seeing as a record thirty thousand new Democratic registrants were instrumental in Lamont winning in August and becoming the first person in American history to defeat the former VP nominee of his own party in a primary. The only difference is that a decent chunk of those thirty-thousand people who switched to Democrat and voted in the primary were actually Republican and conservative independents trying to defeat the Lamont wave; out of these 86,000 people entirely new to the process, though, it's hard to argue many at all were inspired to register to vote the first time just to keep Joe Lieberman in office, particularly in a change election. Therefore, a higher percentage of the 86,000 new voters will benefit Lamont in November than the percentage of 30,000 new Democratic voters that benefitted Lamont in August (although this must also be balanced against the fact that the latter number is the larger proportional share of its respective electorate).

Anonymous said...

I'm also against the patronage Dems who cut deals at the expense of our CT citizenry.

If you step back, you'll see that the Rowland cabal is still in charge. The worst of the Dem Party cutting deals with a crappy CT Republican Party.

Both sides need their progressive reforms. That's what this cycle has taught me.

TGIF said...

Anyone see the Simmons-Courtney debate last night at the center of the universe...? (Enfield High) Disgruntled - did you attend?

Anonymous said...

Great job by the Sec. of the State's office in getting people out there to register. They were all over this issue this season, including the Secretary's on-air bet with Colin McEnroe, which she won in a walk. That's a huge number of new voters and it speaks well for our democracy.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 9:28 - You may be the only person who actually thinks that the SOTS is responsible for getting new voter registration and that she is doing a good job.

I know she will be easily re-elected, but that doesn't mean she deserves it.

The high number of new voters is due to the war in Iraq and our unhappiness with it and our deep dislike and dissatisfaction for/with President Bush. Lamont and the energy his campaign has brought to the state also deserves credit for inspiring many of these people to register (and I am not a Lamont supporter).

Please stop plugging Susan B. Her political future ends at the SOTS office.

disgruntled_republican said...

Anon -

I did not attend unfortunetly. I was away at a sales seminar for work all day.

Anonymous said...

Where does Q-Poll guru Doug Schwartz stand on the issue of the university busting up the professor's union last year? Any chance that has something to do with his biased polls this election season?