Sunday, October 15, 2006

What About Alan?

This morning CT Bob posted an interview with Alan Schlesinger. It's a nice introduction to his candidacy, or at least it feels like an introduction. We haven't heard much about Schlesinger since before the primary. His name will appear first on the ballot but most of us probably don't know where he stands on the issues, and what his priorities would be if he were to be elected.

How did this happen? Certainly Schlesinger's views are more in line with the GOP than Joe Lieberman's. His personal problems pale in comparison to some of the other scandals currently facing the party. Joe Lieberman isn't a liberal Democrat, but he's not a Republican by any stretch of the imagination. And yet we have a fifth party candidate stealing what should be Schlesinger's strongest base of support.

If Democrats attempted to support a moderate Republican over their own endorsed candidate I'd be livid. It's one thing for a PAC to support say, a pro-choice Republican over an anti-choice Democrat, but a political party should support the person they endorsed. Why isn't there more anger from local Republicans? Or am I just not seeing it?


Anonymous said...

The Republican party in CT has a long history of being a "no show" in the US Senate race. Additionally, Rowland didn't like Schlesinger because he took him on for Congress years back so that means Rell and Gallo flip-flopped on the guy the way the did. Shays who a lot of consrvatives would like to see go is voting for Lieberman too. CT GOP Central is a fairly dysfunctioanl organization as you might have noted from some of the posts on this blog.

Wolcottboy said...

CGG, I personally am livid, but am surprised when my fellow party members mention Alan's "scandal". Its because the Party itself didn't stand by him that its become such a huge deal. If the "organizatoin" or "instutition" stood up for their guy - a guy who overwhelmingly won the nomination at his convention - then voters would see their's doubt, people really back the guy (who are the morons who voted for him back and March and why are they silent now? I call them morons for not putting their voices where their votes were).

Of course, we know that the fickle Connecticut Republican Party will just simply take on anyone who shows they have deep pockets and can support their own campaign. Alan did that. If Ned Lamont came over (as many Dems have) and said "hey - I'm dumb enough that I convinced myself that with your nomination I can beat Joe Lieberman - nominate me" we might take a passing glance at him. Then when he mentions "Oh btw, I've got a few million dollars I could throw around without much regard" then you've bought our votes and Ned Lamont would be the Republican nominee no matter where he stood on issues.

Issues don't even come up in the Republican Party anymore. Look at Ma Rell and the thousands of people lining up on sidewalks with her signs for her support. You see them? Oh, maybe you went to work late that day.

I pity the guy that wants to run against Chris Dodd in 4 years, or decides to take on state-wide office again in a contested race. The party might vote you in 100%, but don't expect any phone calls afterward.
As a matter of fact, I'll be voting 3rd party -WITH ENTHUSIASM - more than ever this year. (though I'll probably lean Schlesinger).

Anonymous said...

Lets see if I got this right,

In order to be a good and loyal Republican I must fawn all over a Governor who proved herself unprepared and unable to think on her feet in her debate and I should refuse to support a guy who was a very successful mayor,shows he comes to events prepared and he can think on his feet.

On top of that I'm being told I should vote for an 18 yr incumbent Dem who obviously puts Israels security above the USAs and thinks keeping he USA in perpetual war with a billion people is a grand idea.

If your a Ct Republican and you're not embarassed you're either not paying attention or you're willfully ignorant.There is absolutely NOTHING Republican about the CT Repulican Party.

Anonymous said...

I thought Dodd was up for re-election in 2008. And while the CT GOP Rell types are a bunch of losers, the National Republican Party is also leaving their candidate in the dump in NY where Hillary is up for re-election.

Shadow said...

> puts Israels security above the USAs and thinks keeping he USA in perpetual war
> with a billion people is a grand idea.

I agree with your whole post, but this line in particular gets a standing ovation from me. It needs to starting being repeated in the media about every politician, Democrat and Republican alike, who have insisted on doing Bin-Laden's recruitment PR by validating his framing of the war on terror as Judaochristian vs. Muslim, until time those politicians are all replaced by competent people who know more about protecting our security and less about crafting campaign talking points on it while simultaneously aiding terrorist recruitment.

CC said...

"Joe Lieberman isn't a liberal Democrat, but he's not a Republican by any stretch of the imagination."

Any Senator who votes with the Democrats 90% of the time, as Joe did, is a liberal!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed there's been a problem distributing the flu vaccine around the stateespecially for the elderly? From what little I have been able to glean the national stockpile is where it needs to be this time but there's been a problem with Rell's Public Health Department or Rowland's actually.

Anonymous said...

Alan S. says that he is "just a regular guy." Quite frankly, I couldn't watch after the very first line. Right, every middle class "regular guy" is a card counter at the casinos and operates under an alias! LMAO

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about the situation with the flu vaccine reported in the New Haven Register today?

Anonymous said...

welcome to trollhattan, once again we have Lamonsters praising the heck out of AS and the biannual flu vaccine scare for the elderly

Anonymous said...

There's no scare on the national scene with the vaccine. It's just Jodi's crew screwing up by not getting it out early on as a service tot he public. The seniors will get their vaccine but it will be a pain in the ass process for them because of the incompetent Rowland/Rell team in charge locally.