Wednesday, October 18, 2006

WFSB-TV Reverses Media Ban

An update on this post from yesterday. WFSB-TV has decided to allow media to cover the debate before it airs on television tomorrow night.

From the Courant:

But protests began to arise after the station's plans were outlined in The Courant Tuesday morning - and by mid-afternoon WFSB general manager Klarn DePalma said that outside reporters would be admitted for same-day coverage.

"At the end of the day, it's freedom of speech, so I wanted to make sure everyone had access to it," DePalma.

The article makes no mention of the many local blogs that asked readers to call WFSB in protest, but I think some credit is due there as well.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Iraq 10 more American kids were killed in the last 24 hrs in what everyone now agrees has become a full blown civil war.

Anonymous said...

I am sick of it and it is disgusting our presdient/Joe LIeberman stands for this bs war. My brother knows two people from Connecticut who died in Iraq. Plus, somebody from my college just recently died in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

10 more die in Iraq, that means Lamont, and Courney and Farrell must be rejoicing!!!

Sick I know, but when your campign depends on the number of soldiers that die in Iraq (Lamont did a commercial on it so don't blame me for feeling this way) this is just great news for them!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you are complainng about anon 3:04. It's people like you who want to see the war fail so you can win more seats in congress. Congrats!!!

I disagree with the war in Iraq, but I'm tired of people using the death of military personnel to further their own political agenda. It sickens me. No one, not one candidate against the war has said one word about what they would do with Iraq or terrorism in general.

Republicans have already failed at this what are the Dems going to do? Go around and blame Bush for the next decade? I have no idea who to vote for because no one will say what we should do!!

Sorry this is so harsh but it is the way I feel and I should have a right to speak my mind on this board!

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you people? No one is rejoicing in the deaths of soldiers in Iraq. Its an absolute quagmire. The fact is that Iraq is in a civil war, that short of sending a million troops into the country, we're not going to be able to stop it, and we're taking heavier and heavier casualties. Tell me what is the mission there right now?

I like Chris Murphy's line when asked about his solution to Iraq - "its like dropping a raw egg and asking me what my plan is to put it back together." The plan (which is mostly unspoken) is that we should slowly withdraw troops and come what may. At least if we withdraw and things get horrific, more countries may get behind a peacekeeping force. The reason this hasn't been done already is that the real reason for the war was to have a friendly government set up to provide us oil.

Anonymous said...

Things will only continue to deteriorate in Iraq until all foreign troops are out.It is the first duty of every proud Iraqi male to expel the ocupying force.After that is done sides will be picked and the faction that wins the battles ahead and makes the deals that brings stability and normalcy back to Iraq will Rule.

Personally, I hope the Sunni tribe from Takrit is victorious and a secular Government a little less brutal than Saddamns end up ruling but the US ocupation and their stupid decision to back the Shia may make this alot harder than it had to be.

The outcome of this adventure is not in question. As far as the USA is concerned, we lost.

US forces will be out of Iraq within a year or so and the only question left now is how much granite or marble the memorial for this stupid adventure will require.

Anonymous said...

Just left the Bushnell of the second taped US Senate debate which will air tomorrow night. Alan cleaned both their clocked again although the two minor party candidates slowed down the pace a bit. Other than that it was a repeat of the last debate for all candidates.

Shadow said...

All he did was mourn his brother's friends who died serving our country, and these guys accuse him of celebrating. This is the extreme right mentality.

I guess it wasn't enough for you far right wingers to have Ann Coulter insulting the 9/11 victims' families; you now have to insult people mourning the loss of US soldiers in Iraq, and then act like you're the only ones sticking up for the troops. How do you guys look at yourself in the mirror every morning?