Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Veteran's Issues

Fairfield County Weekly has an article talking about politically active Veterans and their role in the upcoming Senate race. It has a nice rundown of the PAC's and other organizations involving themselves in the race.

Neither candidate is a combat veteran, but with the Senate race shaping up as a referendum on the Iraq war, veterans groups like Bucha’s Veterans’ Alliance for Security and Democracy, or VetPAC, are rising to prominence on the campaign trail, injecting money and influence into a contest some see as a political bellwether for the 2008 presidential campaign.

VetPAC is one of three veterans groups weighing in on the Senate race and the only one to directly associate itself with Lamont. But VoteVets, a New York-based organization whose goal is to elect Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans to Congress who are critical of the war’s execution, has paid for newspaper ads slamming Lieberman for failing to ask “the tough questions” before sending American troops into harm’s way.

On the other side, the Vets For Freedom Action Fund, a 527 organization (a tax-exempt political committee formed under Sec. 527 of the Internal Revenue Code), whose top advisers are former Bush appointees, spent $60,000 on a TV ad thanking Lieberman for supporting the war, and is rolling out a second TV spot this week. In it, ex-Marine Bruce Johnston of East Hartford talks about his son Brian, a Marine who served in Iraq and lost his right arm and right leg to an improvised explosive device, and says that Lieberman “got it right” by supporting the war.

This is surely a prelude to what we'll see in 2008.

Minor, Casey and Bromage, Andy. "Patriot Games". Fairfield County Weekly. 9/28/06

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Anonymous said...

Just FYI -- that story was written originally for the New Haven (Paul Bass' old paper) where those two journalists are on staff. It's probably reprinted also in the Hartford Advocate, etc., but the journalists are solid Elm City people.