Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Senate Debate Open Thread

Did anyone attend today's debate?

So far the only report I've seen is from MyDD. Apparently the moderator cut Lieberman's mike off.

I'll post more accounts if I see them online.

Kirby over at CTBob has some preliminary details, with a full update expected later this evening.

Lamont's official blog has some pictures up. Nothing on Joe or Alan's sites yet.


Anonymous said...

I just came from it, Alan was the clear winner again, the two minor party candidate did slow things down to be honest (yes i know it's good for democracy) but it was basically the same thing for all of the three major candidates again. You're right about Lieberman.

Bobby McGee said...

I heard Kirby interviewed by Colin McEnroe. Apparently, Lamont did extremely well, better than monday...

Anonymous said...

I heard Ferrucci was strong at the debate. People may see that there actually IS an alternative to Lamont, if they can get past the 3rd party thing. Lamont claims that the democrats have no direction.... this is simply not true. Lamont should know the 5 points plan established by the democrats once they take the majority. Lamont needs his democratic allies... and claiming things such as that doesn't make friends with possible colleagues who are still iffy on the idea of replacing an 18 year senator with a cable company exec. Democrats have to hope for Alan Gold to show up tomorrow night and take more votes away from those true CT GOP's in order for Lamont's gap to close.

But for some strange reason, I believe a few people will see and hear Ferrucci and might think twice about Lamont.

Bobby McGee said...

Lamont said the Democrats have no direction?

Anonymous said...

I'm pissed off. I really wanted to go to this debate, and from what I heard, the auditorium was less then half full. Yet I couldn't get in. A friend of mine did come by a tikcet, and he told me that it was patronage cronies only.

So to date we've had two debates, one a business lunch sponsored by the Stamford Business Council, and today's at the Bushnell where public attendees, like myself, clearly weren't welcome.

This is Democracy? It isn't Lamont's vision of the way things should be, nor is it Schlesinger's. Instead Lieberman has his fingerprints all over this. Like Rell's refusal to come out of hiding, this too is a travesty.

P.S. Monday's debate was at the Stamford Marriott, and set up as a corporate luncheon. The best tables upfront were reserved for the bigwigs, (Purdue Pharma, Pitney Bowes, Sempra Energy, etc.) And the open tables where real people sat where all crammed into the back of the room, where you could barely hear, and definitely not see, the Senate candidates.

Anonymous said...

Ferrucci himself has said several times that if it's close, he doesn't want to take any votes away from Lamont. It sounds like you know him personally. Is Ralph a man of his word?

Anonymous said...

I was there, and no one was a clear winner. It started with Sheiffer calling Lamont "Ted", in the middle he reffered to Schlesinger as "Lieber..." and the 2 independent parties (excluding joe) did fine, but were a bit out of place.

Schlesinger was the funniest candidate again, Lieberman was the most boring and Lamont was the most canned. The other two guys (Im sorry i don't remember their names) each offered a difference, including the clear "pro-life" avenue.

I found the most refreshing part of the debate was one of the independent fellas telling Lieberman that he drives a truck for a living, is a former mechanic and that he finds it hard to believe Lieberman would vote for his own raise, and not bring up an increase in the living wage. That was good to see.

No one cut anyones mikes off, they each had 1min response, 30sec rebut and if they went over Shieffer, even if he didnt know who they were, cut them off and the audio turned down their mike.

It ended with Shieffer giving out the wrong internet address to watch the debate (it's on and he said,

No clear winner...Joe has the experience, Alan is the funniest, Lamont brings an edge and the other 2 are refreshing. Close your eyes and pt.

MikeCT said...

Also AP and Channel 8 say Schlesinger did well and Joe will face questions on his support of torture in the next debate.