Sunday, October 29, 2006

Rasmussen has Lieberman up by 8

According to this Diary at KOS, the race is tightening up.

Connecticut: Rasmussen Premium Section (no link)
Lieberman (I) 48%
Lamont (D) 40%
Schlesinger (R) 9%

Hat tip to Matt Stoller at MyDD.


Anonymous said...

Schlesinger clearly won all three debates, he seems to be the only candidate that is offering any real ideas and solutions, the other two seem to do nothing but regurgitate sound bites. It’s a shame how issues and idea’s don’t matter in elections anymore we will all pay for this in the long as a country.

justavoter said...

The race will get even tighter before November 7th and like the Primary Lamont will win this election because people want change in Washington D.C. and to bring our troops home to a hero's welcome after Lieberman helped get us into this mess in Iraq.

I don't care much for the polls I know some people politically live by them.

November 7th will be a new day in Connecticut history when Ned Lamont wins the NYT's endorsement which is important will bring Lamont alot of vote.

Anonymous said...

Scarce has a trend graph. Lieberman falling and Schlesinger rising.

brickbat said...

Yeah, anonymous, Alan is the "only candidate that is offering any real ideas and solutions."

Too bad his ideas and solutions are generally idiotic.

Anonymous said...

Every slimy Ed Marcus Democrat in the state put up their Vote Joe lawnsigns this week.

The sad fact is Lieberman is depending on slimy Ed Marcus patronage Dems and just as slimy Rowland patronage Republicans for any hope of winning this thing.

Man of Integrity? No F-ing way.

GMR said...

Schlesinger is the only candidate that is offering any real ideas?

Schlesinger said he'd favor reducing the troops in Iraq by half. He didn't seem to have any rationale for this, except that it was different from what Lieberman and Lamont both said.

I don't know how many troops is ideal, but this idea seems to have been plucked out of thin air. But if we don't want to win, we shouldn't be there. Lamont definitely doesn't want to stay there: he has determined that it is not possible to win, so we should get out. Lieberman thinks that we can win there, and supports the war effort. But this is a question for which a third way really makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

Please stop kidding yourself.Noone,Not even W himself thinks we can "win".Our involvement in Iraq is going to end VERY UGLY,even uglier than Vietnam.

The only questions left are when we leave (without any success) and how much granite we'll need for the Iraq war memorial wall.

Anonymous said...

Lamont is at 40% and not moving.

By the way, attacking Lieberman as a Bush today is not going to cause voters to support AS